MI Senate Candidates for Michigan Senator Election Race



Michigan Senator Candidates

Michigan Senate Race for Election 2014

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State Primary: August 7, 2014

Michigan Senate Candidates - Announced, Potential, and Rumored Senatorial Candidates:

Republican and Democrat Candidates for Michigan Senate Primary Election

Michigan Senatorial Candidates 2014


Rick Snyder (R)
Mark McFarlin (D)
Mark Schauer (D)
Robin Sanders (Independent)

MI Michigan Candidates for Congress 2014

District 1:
Alan Arcand (R)
Dan Benishek (R)
Kevin Glover (D)
Jerry Cannon (D)

District 2:
Bill Huizenga (R)
Dean Vanderstelt (D)

District 3:
Justin Amash (R)
Brian Ellis (R)
Mark Jansen (R)
Richard Abbot IV (D)

District 4:
Dave Camp (R)
Peter Konetchy (R)
Pat Timmons (Green)

District 5:
Dan Kildee (D)

District 6:
Fred Upton (R)
Jim Bussler (R)
Paul Clements (D)

District 7:
Tim Walberg (R)
Pam Byrnes (D)

District 8:
Mike Rogers (R)
Ken Darga (D)
Susan Grettenberger (D)
Jeremy Burgess (Independent)

District 9:
Sander Levin (D)
George Brikho (R)
Greg Dildilian (R)

District 10:
Candice Miller (R)
Don Volaric (R)
Chuck Stadler (D)

District 11:
Kerry Bentivolio (R)
Dave Trott (R)
Anil Kumar (D)
Bobby McKenzie (D)
William Rosevelt (D)

District 12:
Debbie Dingell (D)
Doug Geiss (D)
Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D)
Andrew Kandrevas (D)
Eugene King (D)
Rebekah Warren (D)
Terry Bowman (R)

District 13:
John Conyers Jr. (D)
Horace Sheffield III (D)

District 14:
Glenn Anderson (D)
Hansen Clarke (D)
Steve Dunwoody (D)
Kelly Garrett (D)
Vince Gregory (D)
Rudy Hobbs (D)
Bert Johnson (D)
Brenda Lawrence (D)
Jessica McCall (D)
Maurice Morton (D)
Mary Waters (D)
John Hauler (R) - Tea Party Activist
Allan Levene (R)

Christian Voting Guide for Voters 2014


History of Michigan. Information that every Michigan Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

The Michigan flag was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver and was adopted as the official Michigan State Flag on March 22, 1913; almost 92 years after Michigan became the 24th State to join the union.

The state seal shows a large star which represents the north star, and nineteen smaller stars which mean that Minnesota was the nineteenth state to join the union after the original thirteen. The date of admission, 1858, appears along with 1819, the first settlement, and 1893, the first flag adoption. There is a settler plowing his field, and an Indian riding into the sunset. The words on the flag, "L. Etoile du Nord" are French for "The North Star." The stump with an ax in it, and the pine trees stand for lumbering and the state tree. Framing the seal is the state flower.

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