Connecticut Conservative Candidates Christian Voting Guide

Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Presidential Primary Election Day: April 26, 2016

Christian Christian Voter Guide Connecticut 2016

Conservatives will elect their Christian candidates in Connecticut, 2016.
U.S. Senate:
Chris Murphy

Connecticut Gubernatorial Candidates 2016

Connecticut Governor Candidates

Next Gubernatorial Elections are in 2018

Dan Malloy (D)
Mark Boughton (R)
Tom Foley (R)
Tim Herbst (R)
John McKinney (R) -

Connecticut Congressional Candidates

District 1:
John Larson (D)
Matthew Corey (R)

District 2:
Joe Courtney (D)
Ann Brookes (R)
Daria Novak (R)

District 3:
Rosa DeLauro (D)

District 4:
Jim Himes (D)
John Shaban (R)

District 5:
Elizabeth Esty (D)
Clay Cope (R)
Matt Maxwell (R)
John Pistone (R)
Joseph Stango (R)
Stephanie Piddock (Independent)


Campaign Hint and Tips: Target Women Voters

Many political campaigns have a limited budget and are looking for the most cost effective way to get their name and theme to people. Of special interest are methods that leve a lasting positive impression. One very effective method that works very well with women voters are Patriotic and Political Campaign Emery Boards. Emery boards are very useful, many hair studios and salons will pass them out and every time they are used it leaves a positive impression. They are low cost and can even be included in mailings.




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