The Christian Citizens of Alabama recommend the following candidates for the June 4th Primary:

State Candidates

Governor: Endorse Tim James      
Co-endorse: Steve Windom    
                    Bob Riley      
Lieutenant Governor: Bill Armistead 
Supreme Court Justice: Harold See, 
Court of Criminal Appeals Judge: H.W. "Bucky" McMillan 
Secretary of State: Troy King, Dave Thomas, Dean Young 
State Treasurer: Lisa Wallace  
State Auditor: Jim W. Zeigler
Commissioner of Agriculture: J. Lee Alley
Public Service Commissioner: Allen Sanderson

Congressional Candidates

1st Congressional District: Albert Lipscomb or David Whetstone
3rd Congressional District: Jeff Fink

Jeff Fink, is a conservative business man, plant manger of Kilby Steel Company, and is a member of the Anniston City Council. Jeff puts principles over politics, is Pro-Life, and will stand against the Lottery and gambling. 

Mike Rogers, while considered to by some to be a conservative Republican Alabama Legislator, only received a rating of "C" from the Christian Coaltion Scorecard, mainly because of his vote for Don Sigeleman's Lottery and he voted to reduce gambling taxes on Dog Tracks by one half.

5th Congressional District: Steve Engle

Montgomery County

State Senate 25: Co-endorse Larry Dixon or Suzelle Josey
State Senate 26: Rick Sellers 
State House 67: Mark Story (Selma)
State House 73: David Grimes 
State House 74: Bob McKee 
State House 88: Tony Moore (Prattville)
Circuit Court: Randy James

South East Alabama

State Board of Education 2: Betty Peters 
State House 92: Roger Broxton (Andalusia, Covington County)

Central Alabama, Birmingham

Sheriff: Jim Woodward 
Tax Assessor: Robert Thomason 
Committee Endorsements: 
State Committee Dist 15 & 34 Place 2: J.C. Earnest 
State Committee Dist 43 & 48 Place 1: Betty Bostwick 
Place 2: Jeff Caddell 
State Committee Dist 52 & 57 Place 2: Don Whaley 
State Committee Dist 51: Ann Hodges Goolsby 
State Committee Dist 58: Jim McLendon 
State Senate 14: Henry E. "Hank" Erwin
State House 41: William McKinzie (Shelby)
State House 45: Keith Hall    
State House 46: Mark Gaines
State House 48: Jim Carns
State House 49: Cam Ward (Shelby)
State House 50: Laura C. Hays or Jim McClendon (St. Clair, Shelby)
Shelby County Coroner: James Wagner (Shelby)
Property Tax Commissioner: Ted Crockett (Shelby)

Blount County

Sheriff: Danny Morton or Terry Osborn
Revenue Commissioner: Ann Self

North Alabama

State Board of Education 8: Matthew Boenker or Don Stout (Limestone, Madison, Jackson, Dekalb, Etowah)
State Senate 6: Betty Frazier or Wayne Hardy Colbert (Franklin, Marion, Winston, Fayette, Lamar)
State Senate 4: Darrel Haynes or Guy Hunt (Cullman) 
State House 11: Darrell Hicks (Cullman)
State House 36: Donnie Calhoun (Anniston)
State House 40: Pete Brooks (Jacksonville)

Madison County, Huntsville 

State Board of Education: Matthew Boenker or Don Stout
State House District 10: Co-endorse Ken Arnold or Mike Ball
Sheriff: Mickey Brantley, Blake Dorning, or David King
Madison County Republican Executive Committee. Endorsements
At Large, Place 3: Bill Meiers
At Large, Place 5: John Wolfsberger
At Large, Place 6: Leigh Moore
At Large, Place 7: Charlie Cox or Robert Dowling
At Large, Place 8: Bob Wilkie
District 2, Place 2: John Noel or Matt Boenker
District 2, Place 3: Zyg Jastrebski
District 11, Place 2: Guy Page
District 19, Place 2: Carl Bradford
District 5 Place 2: Ken Williamson
Alabama Republican State Executive Com.
District 2, Pl.1: Tom Brown
District 3, Pl.1: Dean Johnson

Huntsville City Council, District 2: Mark Anderson  (email) 
Huntsville City Council, District 3: Charles Urban (email)
Huntsville City Council, District 4, Bill Kling (email)

Morgan County 

County Commission District 1: Brian Tharp
County Commission District 2: John Glascock
Sheriff: Scott Strickland and James Hudson
Board of Education: Kevin Murphy
State House District 11: Darrell Hicks (Morgan, Cullman)
State House District 4: Micky Hammon (Morgan, Limestone)


State Senate 21: Jerry Tingle (Tuscaloosa, Hale, Pickens)
State Republican Executive Committee Place 1: Starkey Armstead
State Republican Executive Committee Place 3: Don Wallace
State Republican Executive Committee Place 6: Gerald Allen
Bibb County Sheriff - Del Deason
Pickens County Commission - Harold Davis

Mobile County 

House 96: Jeanette Greene

House 101: Bess Rich 
House 105: Jack Spencer Collier
Sheriff of Mobile County: Kyle Calaghan
Revenue Commissioner: Doug Sanders

State Republican Executive Committee
Place 3: Dennis Hebert
Place 5: Owen "Mickey" McDonnell
Place 7: Dante "Jake" Piccini
Place 8: J. D. Kuffskie
Place 12: Kelly A. McGinley
Place 13: Charles Larrimore
Place 16: Richard Vining

Mobile County Republican Executive Committee
Place 15 Murphy HS Library: Jesse Ortmann
Place 45 St Johns United Methodist: John Raggett
Place 48 Our Savior Catholic Church: Jeb Shell
Place 52 E. R. Dickson School: Pat Holder
Place 66 Tanner Williams School: Freeman Jockisch
Place 78 Tillman's Corner Comm. Ct.: Jesse Rogers
Place 2 At Large: Reggie Phillips
Place 4 At Large: Mickey McDonnell
Place 6 At Large: James Van Antwerp, Jr.
Place 7 At Large: Amelda McClellan
Place 9 At Large: Margaret Crow
Place 10 At Large: Betty Raggett
Place 17 At Large: J. D. Kuffskie
District 02 Place 2: Carol Quail
District 03 Place 1: Richard Vining

Baldwin County 

State Senate 32: Randy McKinney (Baldwin)
State House 95 Steve McMillan (Baldwin)
State Republican Executive Committee, Place 2: Don McGriff (Baldwin)
Sheriff: Jimmie Johnson (Baldwin)

South West Alabama

State Senate 22 Sheldon Day or Joey Woodyard

Candidates endorsed by Christian Citizens of Alabama not contested in the Republican Primary

State House 14: Ed Fraizer (Walker, Winston, Tuscaloosa) (email)
State House 35: Larry Sims  (Calhoun, Talladega)   (email) 
State House 91: Wess Howell  (Coffee)    (email)
State Senate 3, Terry Smith (Morgan)  (email)
State Senate 5, Senator Curt Lee 
State Senate 9, Doris Edmonds (Marshall, Madison)  ( email)
State Senate 31: Greg White (Covington, Coffee, Dale, Houston)

The Christian Citizens of Alabama brings you this Lesson in Christian History

June 1, 165 (traditional date):
Justin, an early Christian apologist, is beheaded with his disciples for their faith. "If we are punished for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, we hope to be saved," he said just before his death. Christians soon named him Justin Martyr.

June 1, 1843:
Isabella Baumfree, having received a vision of God telling her to "travel up an' down the land showin' the people their sins an' bein' a sign unto them," leaves New York and changes her name to Sojourner Truth. She became one of the most famous abolitionists and women's rights lecturers in American history.

June 2, 553:
The Second Council of Constantinople closes, having condemned Nestorian teachings. Nestorianism teaches Jesus incarnate was two separate persons-one divine, the other human-rather than one person with two natures.

June 2, 597:
Augustine, missionary to England and first archbishop of Canterbury, baptizes Saxon king Ethelbert, the first Christian English king. The missionary's tomb in Canterbury bears this epitaph: "Here rests Augustine, first archbishop of Canterbury, who being sent hither by Gregory, bishop of Rome, reduced King Ethelbert and his nation from the worship of idols to the faith of Christ".

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