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Herman Cain Presidential Race
Herman Cain Presidental Race

Does this country need to give another novice, without experience, a  chance at being President of the USA. There is a big difference in  having the ability to run a group of pizza and burger, chain - restaurants, and having the ability to save America. This isn't a job for the inexperienced..our survival depends on it.

Frankly, I have a lot of concerns about Cain. I do not like his tax plan…actually it is the plan he got from one of his associates. He can't explain it and it sounds like he doesn't understand it himself. Experts will have to tell us if it is even viable. I don't  believe that his plan would be a good thing.

I do not like the fact that Cain supports the Fed Bank and that he was a Federal Reserve Banker. I don't like his association with the Bilderbergs, they are advancing their agenda of One World Government.  Bilderbergs own the Fed Bank, thus they control this country and its economy. The Fed has transferred Billions of dollars out of this country and deposited them in foreign banks. They have stolen from Americans for decades and Cain has said that the Fed did not need auditing. He appears to see nothing wrong with having the Federal Reserve Bank in control. The Fed has no oversight and it is owned by the most wealthy, private citizens, in the world. These facts about Cain are not comforting, and do not inspire the thought of trusting
him with the future of our country.

Like obama, he talks a good line. He presents himself as a Patriot that just woke up one day and decided that he would be President. In fact, I have heard that he has long held aspirations of holding government office. He has campaigned for office, but has yet to win an election. I hope that the first election he wins is not that of President.

October 20, 2011 at 5:49 pm

When I read all the comments about everyone except Ron Paul being an "insider", I wonder how someone who has been in politics for 35 years, could somehow escape being considered an insider.

I think Ron Paul is a nice, honorable man who is a great economist & follows the Constitution. After that, he loses everyone (except Libertarians) including me. On all the other issues, especially foreign policy, he might as well be from another planet. Fox has had him on a lot of shows & Mr. Paul has turned down some invitations to Fox. They're not ignoring him, but they know his foreign policy & immigration views will never pass the smell test with a majority of the American people.

I have to disagree with your take on insiders being "the lobbyists & politicians who live & work in DC & are part of the Republican establishment". There are still several Republican establishment politicians, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snowe & several others, but the GOP has a lot of Tea Party conservatives trying to lead the party back to their conservative roots, but how would anyone know when the MSM shows nothing but O'Dumbo & all his thugs calling the GOP "granny killers, the party of "no", & tell the world that 
Republicans have given no input or ideas to solve problems & the greatest one yet by Nasty Piglousy saying the GOP "wants women to die on the floor"…all bald faced lies. Everything spewed out of the mouths of these Progressive Communists is a lie. The lobbyists, Unions, GE, Soros & probably the Muslim Brotherhood are controlling the Dumbocrap Party & this administration.

Our main problem is the media trying to dictate & manipulate who WE want for President. I don't like Romney or Perry, but they are the candidates the media, including Fox, is trying to shove down our throats. Even though Herman Cain is ahead in the polls, they're not ignoring him, but dismissing him as a real candidate because he's NOT part of the Republican "establishment". The media's bias is how McCain & O'Dumbo "magically" ended up being the nominees in 2008.  Duncan Hunter, a true Reagan conservative candidate everyone was 
searching for, was right in front of them, but they ignored him completely!

From the comments here, it's obvious that not one person has gone to Cain's website to see his views on ALL the issues. Everybody is so stuck on the Ron Paul band wagon that they can't see anything else. I like Herman Cain & Newt has impressed me in every debate. Herman Cain is NOT an insider simply because he worked for the FED for a couple of years. That would be like me catering an NFL party & calling me an NFL football player! And Cain HAS said he didn't have a problem with auditing the FED! Newt has impressed me because he's smart on all the issues, he hasn't bickered with other GOP candidates, HE is focused on getting rid of the NWO Communist in OUR White House & that is Cain's goal as well.

If we don't UNITE to support the GOP nominee, no matter who it is, we are OVER as a country. I think some here tend to forget that. ANY of the GOP candidates are better than what we have now. They all love this country & the Constitution unlike the America-hating, Capitalist - hating, Social Justice promoting, Constitution-ignoring, Muslim, illegitimate, unqualified Communist dictator we have now!

Herman Cain Presidential Candidate of the Past - Conflicting Stand on Issues

Here is some analysis from Louis Jacobson in the March 6, 1999 edition of The National Journal:
"But unlike many in his party, Cain opposes school vouchers for private schools and backs efforts only to revisit, not eliminate, affirmative action. He declined to give his position on abortion rights. In the primaries, Cain's moderate social stances could pose problems. Not a main stream conservative."

In 1999: When his own run against Bush fizzled, Cain endorsed Steve Forbes, who was (and,likely, still is) known to be quite moderate on the abortion issue and continued his anti-Bush campaign, saying that by electing Bush, Republicans will have "shortchanged ourselves as a party." (Source: Conservative News Service, July 1, 1999)Cain endorsed the liberal Steve Forbes, over the more conservative George Bush, who as a candidate in 2000, presented himself of the champion pro life conservative causes. Cain attacked George Bush for being too conservative.

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