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Herman Cain for President

Herman Cain Republican Quotes
Herman Cain Republican Quotes

Herman Cain has some interesting quotes and states his stand on the issues, like the Federal Reserve.

Herman Cain Biography

Herman Cain is the dichotomy between the split in the Republican party over the past two years, where pro-business legislators come in opposition with anti-tax and anti-regulation conservatives. Ron Paul represents the new breed of fiscal conservatives while Mr. Cain would be a stalwart of the establishment Republicans.
Further defends the Federal Reserve.

More Cain support for Federal Reserve

Herman Cain for President Bumper Stickers

Herman Cain Bumper Stickers for President 2012
Herman Cain Bumper Stickers for President 2012

Herman Cain bumper stickers 2012 are now available at cheap prices for his presidential campaign. Now a collectiors item. He has a full campaign of items including bumper stickers. Why buy them while the cheapest prices are from his campaign. The 2012 president bumper stickers are now appearing on cars in Atlanta.

His communications director, Ellen Carmichael, tweeted last Friday, People are calling & asking where they can purchase their, Honkies for Herman, and, Crackers for Cain, bumper stickers. We don't make those.

Herman Cain is an American newspaper columnist, businessman, politician, and radio talk-show host from Georgia. In January 2011, Cain announced he had formed an exploratory committee for a potential candidacy for the Republican president nomination in 2012.

Herman Cain for President
Herman Cain Presidential Race

Herman Cain Republican Quotes 2004 Senate Race

Herman Cain "donated money to pro-choice Democrat Senator John Kerry," the flyer says.

The Congressman Mac Collins' radio spot, aired on an Atlanta Christian station and WSB, first attacked Isakson on abortion, foreign trade and tort reform. Then Collins put his sights on two issues sure to underline the fact that Cain is African-American: "Affirmative action's long outlived its time . . . any ruling that gives preference to anyone, is wrong. Mr. Cain cannot say that. When it comes to endorsements, Mr. Cain was endorsed by the regional director (Joe Beasley) of the Rainbow/PUSH coalition. Cain does have the support of Joe Beasley, the civil rights veteran, who is a member of his church. The Rainbow/PUSH coalition is known by its founder, Jessie Jackson.

Herman Cain has made the cause of civil rights a major issue. Cain, who has been endorsed by Rainbow/PUSH's Southeastern operations director Joe Beasley, stated he would vote for reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act. Herman Cain favors Federal Government intervention in the work place on the behalf of blacks and minorities.

He became the regional vice president of Pillsbury’s Burger King division. This meant starting from the “ground up,” dodging grease fires and broiling hamburgers. Herman was assigned to lead a low performing region of 450 of their restaurants. Within three years, it became the best performing region in the company. After working his job at Burger King, Herman took on the challenge in his career. He accepted the call to become the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a company that was teetering. In just 14 months, Herman returned Godfather’s to sanity and he led his management team to a buyout of the company.

In 2008, Herman Cain endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Herman Cain is the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and the host of a Georgia radio show. He's never been elected to public office, but ran for president in 2000, and again for U.S. Senate in Georgia in 2004. Cain also once donated money to former Democrat Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE).

We also know that Herman Cain is a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, who backed the Wall Street bailout in 2008 (which he called the "recovery plan"), advocated nationalizing the banks, slammed opponents of these programs (the majority of Americans) as "free market purists," and was against an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Herman Cain and Obama on Church

At Antioch, Cain has had to share the pews with fiery critics of the Republican Party like Joe Beasley, a man born to sharecroppers who once said he’s been called the “N-word” more
times than he can count. Beasley is a deacon at Antioch and serves as Southern regional director for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He also knows Cain and has no problem with his presence at Antioch. Further Joe Beasley of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, publicly endorsed Herman Cain when he previously ran for US Senate of Georgia.
Herman Cain and the Church - http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/10/18/the-liberal-church-of-herman-cain/

Herman Cain Presidential Candidate of the Past - Conflicting Stand on Issues

Here is some analysis from Louis Jacobson in the March 6, 1999 edition of The National Journal:
"But unlike many in his party, Cain opposes school vouchers for private schools and backs efforts only to revisit, not eliminate, affirmative action. He declined to give his position on abortion rights. In the primaries, Cain's moderate social stances could pose problems. Not a main stream conservative."

In 1999: When his own run against Bush fizzled, Cain endorsed Steve Forbes, who was (and, likely, still is) known to be quite moderate on the abortion issue and continued his anti-Bush campaign, saying that by electing Bush, Republicans will have "shortchanged ourselves as a party." (Source: Conservative News Service, July 1, 1999) Cain endorsed the liberal Steve Forbes, over the more conservative George Bush, who as a candidate in 2000, presented himself of the champion pro life conservative causes. Cain attacked George Bush for being too conservative.

Read about Herman Cain on the issues of the day: at Cain's web site.


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