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Christian Candidates California

California will elect their Tea Party Christian candidates in the June 5, 2014 California Primary. See list of endorsed candidates.


US Senate California

Conservative Republican
Rick Williams - Tea Party Favorite
Orly Taitz - Famous for Birther Birth Certificate lawsuit against Obama.
Daniel Hughes Conservative

United States Conservative Congress Candidates for California List by District:

CD 04 Tom McClintock
CD 05 Randy Loftin
CD 07 Dan Lungren
CD 08 Phil Liberatore (R) -
CD 11 John Fitzgerald (D)
CD 14 Chris Mitchum
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
CD 26 Tony Strickland
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 28 Jenny Worman
CD 30 Mark Reed
CD 33 Christopher David
CD 38 Benjamin Campos
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 42 Clayton Thibodeau
CD 45 John Webb
CD 46 Jerry Hayden
CD 47 Gary DeLong
CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 Darrell Issa
CD 51 Michael Crimmins
CD 52 Wayne Iverson

California State Senate: -

1st District - Ted Gaines
21 District - Steve Knight
27th District: - Todd Zink
29th District:- Robert Huff
35th District - Charlotte A. Svolos
37th District Mimi Walters

California State Assembly:

AD 01 Brian Dahle
AD 03 Dan Logue
AD 04 John Munn
AD 05 Rico Oller
AD 06 Beth Gaines
AD 08 Peter Tateishi
AD 11 Mike Hudson
38th District: Paul Strickland or Scott Wilk
AD 41 Donna Lowe
AD 42 Brian Nestande
AD 43 Greg Krikorian
AD 45 Chris Kolski
AD 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar
AD 55 Curt Hagman
AD 63 Jack M. Guerrero
AD 65 Chris Norby
AD 66 Craig Huey
AD 67 Melissa Melendez or Phil Paule
AD 68 Donald P. "Don" Wagner or Greg Kraft
AD 70 Martha Flores-Gibson
AD 72 Troy Edgar
AD 73 Diane L. Harkey
AD 74 Allan R. Mansoor
AD 75 Marie Waldron

Los Angeles County
District Attorney Alan Jackson
Judge Office # 3 Sean D. Coen Judge Office # 10 Sanjay T. Kumar Judge Office # 78 Kenneth R. Hughey Judge Office # 114 Berj Parseghian

Orange County
Supervisor District 1 Janet Nguyen Supervisor District 3 Todd Spitzer Board of Ed. Area 1 Robert Morris Hammond Board of Ed. Area 3 Ken L. Williams, Jr.

Riverside County
Judge Office # 1 Victoria Cameron Judge Office # 2 Michael J. Kennedy Judge Office # 9 John A. Henry

San Bernardino County
Supervisor District 3 Neil Derry Supervisor District 5 John Taack

Solano County
Supervisor District 2 Steve Messina

San Diego Mayor: Carl DeMaio

El Dorado County
Superior Court Judge - Steve Valentine Ron Mikulaco Dist. 1 George Turnboo <> Dist. 2 Sue Taylor Dist. 3

Statewide Ballot Measures

Source of information:
California Conservative Republican Assembly
Conservative California

Vote in Presidential Election in California
Anybody but Obama.
Mitt Romney remains the front runner.
There are those who are still concerned about Romney aggressively pushing the liberal agenda of Romney care, support for pro abortion, pro gun control, and making Massachusetts a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. Mitt Romney aggressively pushed for the implementation and legalization of gay marriage licenses as well.
For those with those concerns, Ron Paul is the most viable conservative candidate left.
A vote for Rick Santorum is also a viable option and the Newt Gingrich name also appears on the ballot.


Christians Should Vote

We need to educate, equip, and alert the Christian regarding issues and events in the country today.

Americans are blessed to have a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." But democracy has one key requirement: our participation. The most basic democratic participation is voting, yet it can also have the most profound impact. When you vote, you help determine who will lead our nation, make our laws and protect our liberties. More than a right, voting is a privilege that millions of people in other parts of the world can only dream about. Still, many Americans choose not to vote. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as many as 35% of eligible Americans are not registered to vote - that's 45 to 65 million people! Less than half of the voting-age population actually votes in any given election. at's worse, Christians often vote at an alarmingly low rate. For example, in 2002, the last non presidential election year, only 43% of evangelical Christians actually bothered to vote. When people of faith fail to vote, is it any wonder that policies are enacted that are contrary to believers' core values?

“If America is to survive, we must elect more God-centered men and women to public office - individuals who will seek Divine guidance in the affairs of state.” REV. BILLY GRAHAM It is absolutely critical that Christians be registered, be informed and vote our values. As believers, we have a duty to be involved in the democratic process. But our charge is not simply to vote the way our friends or family vote, or the way our political party wants us to vote, or even with concern only for our pocketbook. Instead, we must vote our values, our beliefs, our convictions. An informed vote takes effort. The choice is not always easy, but it is significant.

Reasons why Christians should vote:

God has granted us authority. All authority belongs to God, but He has put human beings on the earth as caretakers. In Matthew 28:18-20, it states we are to go out and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey God in every area of life. We must disciple people to make godly decisions about government, and promote the efforts of those who are already doing so. Christian values contribute positively to society. It is Christian involvement in government through the ages that gave us hospitals, civil liberties, abolition of slavery, modern science, the elevation of women, regard for human life, great works of art and literature, a workable system of justice, education for common people, the free-enterprise system, to name a few.

In the 20th Century, atheistic and secular humanistic leaders gained control of nations all across Europe, Asia and Africa resulting in the murder of almost 170 million men, women and children.

  1. Homosexuality remains a sin, no matter what is current opinion.
  2. Abortion remains a sin. An innocent life is taken.
  3. Spanking is still allowed as part of the raising of children.
  4. The government is making laws that interferes with our expression of truth.
    1. Truth will ultimately win, even if our nation collapses, as so many have done in the past, under the weight of sin.
    2. Meanwhile, we ought to stand for truth, even if no one else wants to listen.

We see the good that it results from applying God's principles, and the horror that results from rejecting them, it is our Christian duty to vote to keep out of office those who attempt to oppose God's authority. Obedience to authority demands good citizenship. The Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 13 clearly states that we must obey governmental leaders because all authority comes from God. We express our obedience to God by exercising our rights and privileges as citizens. Good citizenship sets an example for generations to come. Those who apply God's principles to government pave the way for generations of blessing.

When we pray for the good of our country, should we not express which way is good to our neighbors?

Christian Voter Guide California 2014

When our country was first founded, Alexis de Tocqueville came from France to see why this experiment in democracy was working. He said, "I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers – and it was not there. I sought in the fertile fields and boundless forest – in her rich mines and vast world commerce – and it was not there. I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution – it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good – and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

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