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Arizona Candidates for Senate and Congress 2014

Arizona U.S. Senatorial Candidates:

John McCain (R) Next election is in 2016

Arizona Candidates for Congress

Arizona Congressional Candidates
Arizona Congress Candidates

District 1:
Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
Gary Kiehne (R)
Jim Brown (R) 
Adam Kwasman (R)
Andy Tobin (R)

District 2:
Ron Barber (D) 
Shelley Kais (R)
Martha McSally (R)

District 3:
Raúl Grijalva (D)
Miguel Olivas (R)
Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (R)
Jaime Vasquez (R)

District 4:
Paul Gosar (R)
Mikel Weisser (D)

District 5:
Matt Salmon (R)
James Woods (D) 
James Alan Samuelson (Independent)

District 6:
David Schweikert (R)

District 7:
Chad Campbell (D)
Cesar Chavez (D) 
Steve Gallardo (D)
Ruben Gallego (D)
Michael Nowakowski (D)
Laura Pastor (D)
Marie Lopez Rogers (D)
Daniel Valenzuela (D)
Mary Rose Wilcox (D)
Jose Peñalosa (Independent)

District 8:
Trent Franks (R)
Helmuth Hack (R)

District 9:
Kyrsten Sinema (D)
Wendy Rogers (R)
Andrew Walter (R)

Arizona Election Race info 2014

The state's population has exploded in the last decade, gaining more than 28 percent
since 2000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Political strategists in the state expect
that Arizona will gain two congressional seats.

Republicans enjoy a slim registration advantage, but the Hispanic population here continues to grow, and that dynamic has thrown the state's politics into flux in recent years.

According to registration data in Arizona, as of late August, the state had 3.1 million registered voters. Of those, 1.1 million were registered Republicans, 1 million were registered Democrats and 953,000 were independents. Democratic strategists believe the level of independents may overtake the
number of registered Democrats in short order.

Hispanic residents comprise at least 30 percent of the population, according to the same census figures, and political strategists on both sides of the aisle said Hispanic voting trends will be a key data point for the parties headed into 2014.

Complicating factors are that population growth has stalled in the last two years and Arizona has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. The impact of the immigration law and the state's economic dynamics have left Republicans divided about whether or not Democrats will be able
to contest the state in upcoming statewide elections.

Arizona State - Information everyone in the Election of Senator Race Should Know

From tree rings studied, we know that from 1276 to 1299 A.D. there was a great drought which ended the prehistoric civilization. When Columbus discovered America, Arizona was inhabited by ancestors of present day Indians. The written history of Arizona began when the Spaniards sent exploration parties northward from Mexico. The first was a Franciscan priest named Marcos de Niza, who entered the territory in 1539.

Other Spanish missionaries followed and established missions to bring Christianity to the Indians. Tumacacori Mission, north of Nogales, was founded by Padre Kino at the center of an Indian settlement. This mission is now a National Monument. Padre Kino also laid the foundations for San Xavier del Bac Mission on the outskirts of today's Tucson, still used for regular services by the Tohono O'Odham Indians who live nearby.
They brought the Ten Commandments Ten Commandments for kids - The Ten Commandments of Moses

After Kino's death, Spanish development of this area came to a halt. In 1821 Mexico declared its independence from Spain and eventually went to war with the United States. This war ended in 1848, and the land north of the Gila River became United States territory. In 1853 the rest of the area was acquired by the Gadsden Purchase Purchase. Then the great westward movement of our early pioneers began, and Arizona entered the phase of its history which has provided so much story material for books and movies.

Men came West to seek their fortunes - adventurers, prospectors, farmers, businessmen, builders. To protect them against the Indians who fought fiercely to keep back this change in their land, the army also came and built its forts. Only the most brave and hardy pioneers came until the last of the Indian uprisings were finished and final peace won in 1886. Development of the state then surged forward. Senator John McCain was born in a territory not a state.

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Christian Citizens - Leading the the way on conservative values. Christian Citizens is best known for leading the charge on the Marriage Amendment that passed.

Why we should say no to Government Run Health Care

The Democrat health care reform model will instead, limit patient choices, put government between the physician and patient, interfere with patient care decisions and burden Americans with huge long-term cost in the trillions of dollars!

Before we allow one-fifth of our economy to be nationalized, there must be careful consideration and open debate costs, less availability of care and services and the use of quality of life formulas to save money not lives.

Most Americans do not want a Big Brother, distant overseer making life and death decisions about their health. Government run health care may eventually be able to cover most people---but it will be with little care. Bureaucracy by its very nature is not a compassionate body


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