GA Senate Candidates for Georgia Senator Election Race

Georgia Senatorial Candidates 2014

Georgia Senator Candidates
Georgia Senator Candidates

Vote Tuesday November 4, 2014

Georgia Senate Race for Election 2014

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Georgia Senate Candidates - Announced, Potential, and Rumored Senatorial Candidates GA

Republican Senate candidate from Georgia are:

David Perdue (R)

Democrat Senator Candidates

Michelle Nunn (D) - Non-Profit Group Founder & Daughter of Ex-US Sen. Sam Nunn

Other Senator Candidates

Amanda Swafford (Libertarian)

GA Candidates for Congress 2014

Georgia Congress Candidates
Georgia Congressional Candidates

A list of Georgia Candidates for Congress are listed below by congressional district.

District 1:
Buddy Carter (R)
Darwin Carter (R)
Jeff Chapman (R)
Bob Johnson (R)
Earl Martin (R)
John McCallum (R)
Brian Reese (D)
Marc Smith (D)
Amy Tavio (D)

District 2:
Sanford Bishop (D)
Vivian Childs (R)
Greg Duke (R)

District 3:
Lynn Westmoreland (R)
Chip Flanegan (R)

District 4:
Hank Johnson (D)
Thomas Brown (D)

District 5:
John Lewis (D)

District 6:
Tom Price (R)
Bob Montigel (D)

District 7:
Rob Woodall (R)
Thomas Wight (D)

District 8:
Austin Scott (R)

District 9:
Doug Collins (R)
Bernie Fontaine (D) 
David Vogel (D)

District 10:
Mike Collins (R)
Gary Gerrard (R)
Jody Hice (R)
Donna Sheldon (R)
Stephen Simpson (R)
Brian Slowinski (R) - Tea Party Activist
S. Mitchell Swan (R)
Ken Dious (D)

District 11:
Bob Barr (R)
Allan Levene (R)
Ed Lindsay (R)
Barry Loudermilk (R)
Larry Mrozinski (R)
Tricia Pridemore (R)

District 12:
John Barrow (D)
Rick W. Allen (R)
Delvis Dutton (R)
John Stone (R)
Diane Vann (R)
Eugene Yu (R)

District 13:
David Scott (D)
Michael Owens (D)

District 14:
Tom Graves (R)
Ken Herron (R)


This day in History for Georgia. Information that every Georgia Election Candidates for US Senate or Congress Should Know:

March 12

1734 After their ship had grounded on a sand bar in the mouth of the Savannah River the previous day, the first group of German Salzburgers finally reached Savannah, Georgia. The entire town turned out to watch their arrival, and several cannon were fired to salute Georgia's newest colonists.

1739 James Oglethorpe wrote the Trustees in opposition to a petition being circulated in Savannah asking the Trustees to revoke their ban on slaves on the grounds that white men could not work in Georgia.

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