Georgia 2014 Conservative Voting Guide



Presidential Primary - March 1, 2016
Election Day - November 8, 2016

State Primary - May 24, 2016

Election Race for Georgia U.S. Governor:

Nathan Deal (R)
Jim Butterworth (R)
Casey Cagle (R)
Brian Kemp (R)
Jack Kingston (R)
Sam Olens (R)
Lynn Westmoreland (R)
Stacey Abrams (D)
John Barrow (D)
Jason Carter (D)
Doug Craig (Libertarian)

Georgia Lieutenant Governor Candidates
Casey Cagle (R)
Allen Peake (R)
David Shafer (R)

Election Race for Georgia U.S. Senator:

Johnny Isakson (R)
Lee Benedict (R)
Derrick Grayson (R)
Ed Tarver (D)
Allen Buckley (Libertarian)
Ted Metz (Libertarian)

Georgia Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Buddy Carter (R)

District 2:
Sanford Bishop (D)
Greg Duke (R)
Bobby Scott (R)

District 3:
Paul Broun (R)
Mark Butler (R)
Ronnie Chance (R)
Chris Clark (R)
Mac Collins (R)
Mike Crane (R)
Mike Dugan (R)
Drew Ferguson (R)
Chip Flanegan (R)
Rick Jeffares (R)
David Knight (R)
Joey Loudermilk (R)
Hayden Marlowe (R)
Richard Mix (R)
Jim Pace (R)

District 4:
Hank Johnson (D)

District 5:
John Lewis (D)
Doug Bell (R)

District 6:
Tom Price (R)

District 7:
Rob Woodall (R)

District 8:
Austin Scott (R)

District 9:
Doug Collins (R)
Roger Fitzpatrick (R) - Tea Party Activist
Al Gainey (R)

District 10:
Jody Hice (R)
Len Ware (D)

District 11:
Barry Loudermilk (R)
William Llop (R)

District 12:
Rick Allen (R)
Eugene Yu (R)

District 13:
David Scott (D)

District 14:
Tom Graves (R)
Mickey Tuck (R)

Georgia Governor Candidates - Conservative Recommendations Georgia Candidates for Governor 2014 - Pro Life Endorsement Georgia Right to Life endorses the following:

Nathan Deal

The PAC urges all Republicans to vote for Life in the by voting for GRTL PAC-endorsed candidates. All gubernatorial candidates that were endorsed by GRTL PAC have signed the PAC affirmation statement which says that they agree with our position on the Personhood of all human beings from fertilization to natural death and the attendant need for a Personhood Amendment to our state Constitution.

;For instance, Handel believes that a child may be aborted based on its manner of conception. When I asked her directly her thoughts on the value of embryos, she answered that she does not believe that an embryonic human is a child. Based on Ms. Handels own statements, she does not meet the GRTL PACs criteria and will not be endorsed in this primary election or the November election, without a change in her positions.

Georgia Right to Life is stunned that former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, has endorsed Karen Handel for Governor. Mrs. Handel has proven that she is not the best candidate for Governor for the state of GA based on her more liberal views. Although claiming to be pro-life, Mrs. Handel does not believe it necessary to protect the lives of all the preborn. Because of this, Georgia Right to Life chose not to endorse Mrs. Handel.

In 2014 women should stand up for women who will protect all life, not just some life, comments Melanie Crozier, Director of GRTLs Political Action Committee. I am especially surprised that Mrs. Palin would endorse a candidate that thinks pre-screening embryos for genetic disorders and abnormalities is okay, considering Mrs. Palin views those lives to be the most precious of all. Georgia Right to Life encourages all Georgians to vote for a candidate that has pledged to value all human life.

Next Gringrich endorses Nathan Deal for Governor

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich has endorsed Nathan Deal - a fellow Republican and a former congressional colleague - for governor. Gingrich, who represented the Marietta area, praised Deal's record on taxes, gun owners rights, abortion and for health care. "As speaker," Gingrich said Tuesday, "I could always count on Nathan Deal to stand firmly in defense of our conservative Georgia values."

Georgia Governor Candidates 2014 Race

Georgia Governor Candidates Where do the Georgia candidates stand on the Issues? In a hotly contested governors race of 2014, Georgia voters have a menu of candidates to choose from. Above link has summary information of all the candidates and issue information about each one.

Ten Commandments Georgia

Did you know that there are over 22,000 Ten Commandments yard signs across Georgia. Where did those blue yard signs on the Ten Commandments come from? For those who wish to remove them from out Courthouses, they send a message.

History of Georgia - What every Congress man of should know

The conflict between Spain and Great Britain over control of Georgia began in earnest in about 1670, when the British colony of South Carolina was founded just north of the missionary provinces of Guale and Mocama, part of Spanish Florida. Guale and Mocama, today part of Georgia, lay between Carolina's capital, Charles Town, and Spanish Florida's capital, St. Augustine. They were subjected to repeated military invasions by both sides. The Spanish mission system was permanently destroyed by 1704. The coast of future Georgia was occupied by British-allied Yamasee Indians until they were decimated in the Yamasee War of 1715–1717. The surviving Yamasee fled to Florida, leaving the coast of Georgia depopulated, making formation of a new British colony possible. A few defeated Yamasee remained and later became known as the Yamacraw.

The Campaign for Georgia - Calendar Magnets

English settlement began in the early 1730s after James Oglethorpe, a Member of Parliament, promoted the area be colonized with the worthy poor of England, to provide an alternative to the overcrowded debtors' prisons. Oglethorpe and other English philanthropists secured a royal charter as the Trustees of the colony of Georgia on June 9, 1732.[1] The misconception of Georgia's having been founded as a debtor or penal colony persists due to the numerous English convicts who were sentenced to transportation to Georgia. With the signs motto, "Not for ourselves, but for others," the Trustees selected colonists for Georgia. On the calendar February 12, 1733, the first settlers arrived in the ship Anne, at what was to become the city of Savannah. In 1742 the colony was invaded by Spanish forces during the War of Jenkins' Ear. Oglethorpe mobilised local forces and defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, which ended the war, confirmed the English position in Georgia.

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