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Kentucky Election Voting Guide 2015 KY Christian Candidates Pro Life

Primary: October 24, 2015

Louisiana Senate Candidates For 2015

State Senate District 1
Sharon Hewitt (R)
"Pete" Schneider (R)

State Senate District 2
Troy Brown (D)
"Chris" Delpit (D)
Eric Weil (No Party)

State Senate District 3
"J.P." Morrell (D)

State Senate District 4
Wesley Bishop (D)
R. Erich Caulfield (D)
Joseph "Joe" Swider (D)

State Senate District 5
Karen Carter Peterson (D)

State Senate District 6
Mack "Bodi" White (R)

State Senate District 7
Jeffery "Jeff" Arnold (D)
Troy Carter (D)
Leslie Ellison (D)
Troy J. Gainey (R)
Roy A. Glapion (D)

State Senate District 8
John A. Alario Jr. (R)

State Senate District 9
Conrad Appel (R)
John LaBruzzo (R)
Scott Songy (Other)
"Polly" Thomas (R)

State Senate District 10
Daniel R. "Danny" Martiny (R)

State Senate District 11
"Jack" Donahue (R)

State Senate District 12
Brett K. Duncan (R)
"Beth" Mizell (R)
"Mickey" Murphy (D)
John Seal (No Party)

State Senate District 13
Derek Babcock (R)
Dale Erdey (R)

State Senate District 14
Yvonne Dorsey (D)

State Senate District 15
Regina Barrow (D)
Jerrie Davenport Williams (R)
Dalton Honore' (D)

State Senate District 16
Brent Campanella (Other)
"Dan" Claitor (R)
Scott McKnight (R)

State Senate District 17
"Rick" Ward III (R)

State Senate District 18
Eddie Lambert (R)

State Senate District 19
Gary L. Smith Jr. (D)

State Senate District 20
Mark Atzenhoffer (No Party)
Norbert "Norby" Chabert (R)
Michael "Mike" Fesi (R)

State Senate District 21
R. L. "Bret" Allain II (R)

State Senate District 22
Fred "T-Fred" Mills Jr. (R)

State Senate District 23
Patrick Page Cortez (R)
Terry Hughes (Other)

State Senate District 24
Gerald Boudreaux (D)
Ledricka Johnson Thierry (D)

State Senate District 25
Dan W. "Blade" Morrish (R)

State Senate District 26
Jonathan Perry (R)

State Senate District 27
Ronnie Johns (R)
Ginger Vidrine (D)

State Senate District 28
Eric LaFleur (D)

State Senate District 29
Joshua Joy Dara Sr. (R)
Jay Luneau (D)

State Senate District 30
John Smith (R)

State Senate District 31
Gerald Long (R)

State Senate District 32
Neil Riser (R)

State Senate District 33
Vance McAllister (R)
Michael A. "Mike" Walsworth (R)

State Senate District 34
Francis Thompson (D)

State Senate District 35
Stewart Cathey Jr. (R)
James R. "Jim" Fannin (R)

State Senate District 36
Henry Burns (R)
Ryan Gatti (R)
Todd Hollenshead (D)

State Senate District 37
Barrow Peacock (R)

State Senate District 38
Richard "Richie" Burford (R)
Cloyce Clark (R)
John Milkovich (D)
Jemayal Warren (D)

State Senate District 39
"Jim" Slagle (Other)
Gregory Tarver (D)

Louisiana Candidates for Governor 2015

Scott A. Angelle (R)
Beryl Billiot (No Party)
"Jay Dardenne (R)
Cary Deaton (D)
John Bel Edwards (D)
Jeremy "JW" Odom (No Party)
Eric Paul Orgeron (Other)
S L Simpson (D)
David Vitter (R)

Louisiana Congressional Candidates 2015 Republican and Democrat

District 1:
Steve Scalise (R)
David Duke (R)
Rob Maness (R)

District 2:
Cedric Richmond (D)

District 3:
Charles Boustany Jr. (R)

District 4:
John Fleming (R)

District 5:
Ralph Abraham (R)

District 6:
Garret Graves (R)
Richard Lieberman (D)


Primary: October 24, 2015

Louisiana Christian Voter Guide - Conservative Candidate Recommendations

Louisiana will be electing a senator, and for congress on the August 2011 primary and in the October runoff. Pro life Christian conservative recommendations.

Pro Life Recommendations
1st Congressional District Election
Congressman Steve Scalise (R- Incumbent): 100% Pro-Life Voting
2nd Congress District Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao (R- Incumbent): 83% Pro-Life Voting Record
in the U.S. House of Representatives (out of 6 scored votes, cast five pro-life votes)
However this foolish Congressman Cao voted for Obama care.
3rd Congressional District
Jeff Landry (R): Answered questionnaire 100% Pro-Life
Kristian Magar (R): Answered questionnaire 100% Pro-Life
4th Congressional Districit
Congressman John Fleming (R- Incumbent): 100% Pro-Life Voting
5th Congressional District Election
Congressman Rodney Alexander (R- Incumbent): 100% Pro-Life
6th Congressional District Election
Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-Incumbent): 100% Pro-Life Voting Record
7th Congressional District Election
Incumbent Congressman Charles Boustany is running unopposed. Congressman Boustany has a 100% Pro-Life Voting Record in U.S. House of Representatives

Louisiana Pro Life Candidates

Louisiana voters vote pro life and will be voting a conservative slate on Saturday, August 28. Senator David Vitter is up for re-election and he has a 100% pro life record, and his Democratic opponent has a mixed record on abortion. Voting Republican over the Democrat candidates is the way to vote pro life in Louisiana. There are 7 congressional seats up for election as well as governor and state wide offices. For pro life conservative candidate recommendations, vote the conservative Republican candidates.
Roger Villere for Louisiana Lieutenant Governor.

In Government telling you
What you can buy
What you can eat
What you can drive
What you can make & own
If you want to be a SLAVE to the government
and let it control your life, then vote for Democrats!

New Hampshire Christian candidates

New Hampshire votes for governor and Lt. Governor in the September primary. New Hampshire votes for US Senate in the September primary. New Hampshire will also be electing 2 seats for congress in the congressional races.

Mayor Frank Guinta endorsed for conservative Congress from New Hampshire by FRC Action PAC February 19, 2010: Today FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected to the Family Research Council, is endorsing Mayor Frank Guinta for Congress representing the New Hampshire's 1st District.
Jennifer Horn for Congress endorsed by FRC Action PAC February 19, 2010: Today FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected to the Family Research Council, is endorsing Jennifer Horn for Congress representing the New Hampshire's 2nd District
For US Senate, how about Tom Alciere R

Maryland Christian Voter Guide - Conservative Candidate List Recommendations

Maryland will be electing a governor, senator, and for congress, see list of conservatives for the September primary. Pro life conservative recommendations are below.
Brian Murphy conservative for governor
Family Research Council Action PAC believes that Brian Murphy will be a true advocate for faith, family, and freedom. We are honored to endorse this pro-life, pro-family candidate.

Hawaii Christian candidates and Congress

Hawaii conservative recommended candidates
US Senate Cam Cavasso, Governor Duke Aiona Lt. Governor Adrienne King,

For Hawaii Legislature:
George Fontaine, Jeff Hoylman, Lisa Leialoha, Jay Lambeck for HD21, Reed Shiraki, Tracy Bean, Chris Baron, David Chang,
Becky Leau HD6, Harry Williams HD14, Aaron Johanson HD32, Sam Curtis HD39, Jadeen Meyers HD39, Gil Riviere HD46, Richard Fale HD47, Makaha'a Wolfgramm HD51, Carole Kaapu HD30,
Look at conservative John Willoughby“ (R) for Congress of Hawaii

Sample wording of Church Bulletin Announcement:

Go Vote Election Day
Remember to participate in the patriotic process of voting next Tuesday, __ date. Polls are open from _AM to _PM.

We will be voting to elect leaders to guide us and protect us. It only takes a few minutes to vote and express your moral values.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, __ date. Polls are open from _AM to _PM.

The young generation is looking to you to elect Godly leaders.

Maryland Governor and Senate Christian Conservative Candidates

Democrats election candidates Martin O'Malley, and J.P. Cusick are running the race for governor against Republicans Ralph Jaffe, Bob Ehrlich ,Mary Kane, Brian Murphy. The Republican and Democrat primaries are on Tuesday September 14.
Brian Murphy is the conservative choice.

Barbara Mikulski is the incumbent Democrat Senator and is being challenged by Republicans Joseph Alexander, Barry Steve Asbury, Neil Cohen, Stephens Dempsey, Samuel Graham Sr, John Kimble, Gregory Kump, Daniel McAndrew, Eric Wargotz, Jim Rutledge, Eddie Vendetti, However, only Eric Wargotz is a viable of beating the liberal incumbent. The race for senate election is subject to the Republican and Democrat primaries on Tuesday September 14. Maryland Conservative Voter Guide Recommendations
Governor - Brian Murphy

US Senate Eric Wargotz, Jim Rutledge. Daniel McAndrew
However, only Eric Wargotz is a viable of beating the liberal incumbent.

Maryland Congressional District Candidates for Congress
1st Andy Harris
2nd District: Troy Stouffer
4th Robert Broadus – R
5th Collins Bailey – R
6th Joe Krysztoforski – R
8th Mike Philips

Maryland Local Races: Meyer Marks Senate District 16, William Thomas Capps Jr. State Senate 31

Hawaii Election Candidates 2014 - Christian Voter Guide

Important election dates for Hawaii are as follows: March 13, 2014 - Presidential caucuses; June 5, 2014 - Deadline to file for candidacy; August 11, 2014 - Primary elections (non-presidential;November 6, 2014 - Election day.
Hawaii is the least conservative state, voting a whopping 38.00% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.
The Aloha State will see its first ever Republican presidential caucus on March 13 and local conservatives are motivated and anxious to cast their votes for what may very well be the next president of the United States.
Hawaii, which has 17 proportionately awarded delegates at stake, trails the drama of Super the Tuesday contests but has unique significance as President Obama's home state. Conservatives believe that the upcoming caucus, if turnout is large enough, could serve as a symbolic vote of no-confidence against the Obama Administration.

Wisconsin Governor and Senate Candidates Christian Voter Guide Conservative Recommendations

US Senator Russ Feingold is being opposed by Republicans Stephen Finn, Ron Johnson, and Dave Westlake. The Democrat and Republican Primary for the election race for Senate is September 14, 2010. Democrats Tom Barrett and Tim John are running in the election race against Republicans Mark Neumann, Scott Paterick, and Scott Walker.

U.S. Senate Ron Johnson (R)
Wisconsin Governor Mark Neumann (R) - Scott Walker (R)
Lieutenant Governor Brett Davis (R) Rebecca Kleefisch (R) Dave Ross (R) Nick Voegeli (R)
Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R) - Incumbent
For more information, additional candidates including local candidates for the Wisconsin House and Senate Legislature, Congress, and more visit:

Maryland US Senator 2014

Incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin is up for re-election. Maryland is a deep blue state so it will take an exceptional candidate to defeat him.

Ben Cardin (D)
Raymond Blagmon (D)
J.P. Cusick (D)
Chris Garner (D)
Ralph Jaffe (D)
C. Anthony Muse (D)
Blaine Taylor (D)
Ed Tinus (D)
Lih Young (D)
Daniel Bongino (R)
Robert Broadus (R)
William Capps Jr. (R)
Richard Douglas (R)
John Kimble (R)
Brian Vaeth (R)
Corrogan Vaughn (R)
Rick Hoover (R)
Jim Israel (R)
David Jones (R)
Joseph ALexander (R)

Maryland Candidates for US Congress from MD

District 1:
Andy Harris (R)
John LaFerla (D)
Kim Letke (D)
Wendy Rosen (D)

District 2:
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)
Vladmir Degen (R)
Rick Impallaria (R)
Nancy Jacobs (R)
Howard Orton (R)
Larry Smith (R)

District 3:
John Sarbanes (D)
Dave Lockwood (D)
Armand Girard (R)
Thomas "Pinkston" Harris (R)
Eric Knowles (R)
Draper Phelps (R)

District 4:
Donna Edwards (D)
Ian Garner (D)
George McDermott (D)
Randy Gearhart (R)
Greg Holmes (R)
Faith Loudon (R)
Charles Shepherd (R)

District 5:
Steny Hoyer (D)
Cathy Johnson Pendleton (D)
David Hill (R)
Glenn Troy Morton (R)
Tony O'Donnell (R)

District 6:
Charles Bailey (D)
John Delaney (D)
Rob Garagiola (D)
Ron Little (D)
Milad Pooran (D)
Roscoe Bartlett (R) Incumbent
Kathy Afzali (R)
David Brinkley (R)
Robert Coblentz (R)
Robin Ficker (R)
Peter James (R) - Conservative Tea Party Candidate
Joe Krysztoforski (R) -
Brandon Rippeon (R)

District 7:
Elijah Cummings (D)
Ty Busch (D)
Charles Smith (D)
Ray Bly (R)
M. Justin Kinsey (R)
Frank Mirabile Jr. (R)
Robert Brookman (Independent)

District 8:
Chris Van Hollen Jr. (D)
George English (D)
Gus Alzona (R)
Shelly Skolnick (R)
Ken Timmerman (R)
Dave Wallace (R) - Conservative Challenger
George Gluck (Green)

There is not a better example of this right now than the state of Maryland. Not only do endlessly corrupt Governor Martin O'Malley (Obama's Mini-Me) and the state legislature endorse criminality with their Sanctuary policies, but they fund it through the illegal aliens' ACORN, CASA de Maryland, and other similar groups. Last year, the state actively thwarted a grassroots referendum to repeal Maryland's version of the DREAM Act. They failed miserably, so they have now proposed legislation -- hilariously misnamed the "Referendum Integrity Act" -- to hamper further petition efforts.

This comes right on the heels of a new referendum petition in opposition to Maryland's just-passed law allowing "Gay Marriage." Now they have added further injury to countless insults by proposing an eye-popping array of new taxes. To top it off, last December O'Malley signed off on Plan Maryland, an executive order enacting a statewide planning document mandating Agenda 21 "smart" growth policies. This destructive Plan was publicly opposed by eighteen of Maryland's 23 counties. Baltimore City was all for it, of course.
The conventional wisdom is that Maryland is lost to Republicans. With a two-to-one Democrat/Republican advantage, the left says Republicans just have to sit down and shut up. "Don't waste your time, Republicans" is the oft-heard refrain. But Maryland Democrats, like Obama, have overplayed their hand.

Their redistricting efforts angered both Republicans and Democrats. Their pandering to illegals has infuriated minorities, including legal immigrants, because it is costing them jobs. Fully 30 percent of DREAM Act repeal petitions were signed by Democrats. And while redistricting may have diluted the conservative strength of Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's 6th district, it has also put into play the formerly secure seat of corrupt Democrat incumbent Chris Van Hollen.

The two frontrunners challenging Van Hollen are both excellent conservative prospects. Most readers should recognize the name Ken Timmerman. A widely respected expert on foreign policy, former NewsMax contributor, and investigative journalist par excellence, Timmerman brings extensive experience in the ways of Washington, a firm commitment to conservative principles, and courage to match. Timmerman has the endorsement of heavyweights like Ambassador John Bolton, Simon Wiesenthal, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Commissioner Richard Rothschild, and a host of others.

Dave Wallace, is also a great prospect. A committed conservative his entire life, Dave is a small business owner and an incredibly good organizer, personable and principled. He was an early organizer of Tea Party efforts in Maryland, and he gained widespread name recognition as emcee of the Dave Wallace Show, a Saturday afternoon WCBM Radio talk show. Dave also has the endorsement of a number of heavy hitters, including former Governor Bob Ehrlich, a number of county commissioners, state Senator Joe Getty, Delegate Kelly Schultz, and many others.

Defying the odds once again is, Frank Mirabile, running for Congress in Maryland's 7th District against incumbent and Congressional Black Caucus member Elijah Cummings. Frank is also a small business owner. He understands relevant aspects of economics as well as any professional. With his engaging, friendly, and forthright manner, he knows how to reach people. He spent much of his time during the last cycle garnering support from inner-city black residents, constituents who see Cummings only when he shows up for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Many blacks are sick of the hypocritical Cummings and see Mirabile as a viable alternative.

But perhaps the greatest threat to Democrat hegemony in Maryland is the U.S. senatorial candidacy of Dan Bongino. Bongino is running against Senator Ben Cardin. If you recall from the ObamaCare debates, Cardin is the one who nonchalantly wiped out two hundred years of Senate rules to help pass the Senate version. He is an unscrupulous, detestable leftist who sits quietly by while this president undermines his fellow Jews in Israel.

Bongino, on the other hand, is the real article. He understands the healthcare issue and economics. He gets it, at the most fundamental level, and can communicate effectively and convincingly to a broad audience.

Dan is a former Secret Service agent who had nothing to gain and everything to lose by leaving his secure and promising job with the Service, where he was a rising star. In his own words, he left because saw what was happening in our great country and could not stand by and do nothing. Those of us who are in this fight can all relate to that.

Dan has gotten national exposure through countless appearances on Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and many others. He has also racked up an impressive array of endorsements. The best thing, however, is his optimism. He says, "I don't think we can win in Maryland, I know we can win in Maryland... Folks, this isn't Mao's China."
Not yet, at least.

Whether you live in Maryland or not, it is in your interest to support these people. Like the Massachusetts miracle candidacy of Scott Brown, these people can win. Unlike Scott Brown, they are all hardcore conservatives, and they will bring much-needed relief to the beleaguered residents of Maryland and strong voices in the U.S. Congress.

Maryland Christian Conservative Candidates Recommendations

Maryland will elect its candidates in the April 3 primary. Maryland has 37 delegates.

Recommendations for Maryland Primary

Rick Hoover for Senate, impressive conservative web site.
Co-endorse Rich Douglas or Dan Bongino US Senate and Rick Hoover for Senate
Rich Douglas former aid to Jessie Helms

Peter James (R) - Congress 6th District, Conservative Tea Party Candidate

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Federal Political Action Committee:
Office Sought District Candidate Name Political Party*
U.S. Congress 1 Andy Harris Republican
U.S. Congress 2 Nancy Jacobs Republican
U.S. Congress 5 Tony O'Donnell Republican
U.S. Congress 8 Dave Wallace

State Primary: April 3, 2014

Maryland Approves Same Sex Marriage

The Maryland legislature, in early March, 2014 passed and Gov. Martin O'Malley has signed a bill defining marriage to include same-sex couples. The legislation will take effect in January 2013 unless a proposed November referendum question overturns it. If the law remains intact, Maryland will become the eighth state with same-sex marriage.
The legislative vote was close. The bill passed the state senate 25 to 22 and the house of delegates 72 to 67. Organizations already mobilizing to challenge the law this fall.

Conservative Candidates Pennsylvania 2014

Pennsylvania will elect their conservative candidates in the Pennsylvania Primary April 24, 2014

US Senate:
Marc Scaringi (R) - Tea Party Candidate
Tom Smith (R) - Tea Party Activist

U.S. Congress:
District 04: Ted Waga (R) Tea Party Conservative
District 07: Pat Meehan, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 10: Tom Marino, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 11: Lou Barletta, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 12: Keith Rothfus, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 14: Hans Lessmann, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 18: Evan Feinberg (R) - Conservative Tea Party Challenger

Conservative Presidential Delegates in Pennsylvania

If you vote for conservative presidential candidates Newt Gringrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum, but not Mitt Romney, the below delegates for president would be the conservative choice:

List of Pennsylvania Presidential Delegates for President

For President vote for conservative Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum
Then vote for presidential delegates to go to the convention.

For a list of conservative delegates for President, see list:

Assuming you will vote for conservative Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum, not liberal Mitt Romney, it would be good to elect conservative presidential delegates.
The more conservative delegates are listed below.

Note you vote for only 3 Delegates in your congressional district and 3 alternates :

Note that - D = Delegate, A = Alternate

** District 1 - Dale Kerns Jr. D, Tom Boggia D,
** District 2 - Seth Koren A,
** Distinct 3
Joe Salorina D, Lindsey Travis D, Michael Sergi D,
** District 4 - Dave Talley D, Elizabeth Roberts D, Suzanne C. Doller D, Thomas Byran Parsley D,
Chad Nagle A, Dave Garry A, Dave Talley A, Derek Cotton A, Seth M. Shoemaker A,
** District 5
Lee A Mitchell D, Thomas G Brown D, Thomas Martin D, Mark R. Brady A, Samuel Settle A,
** District 6 - Byron Whitman D, Philip G. Duffy D, Sean Leban D, Jonathon Cutillo A
** District 7 - David Owens D, Joe Grande D, Michael Cocco D, Patrick Henry Sellers D,
Michael P Boyle A, Nicholas Puracchio A, Patrick G Kocher A, Rocco Moffa A,
** District 8
Charles Dinan D, Donna Serdula D, Ernest Rosato D, Rob Pepe D,
Alternate Delegates Andrew Rumbold A, Eileen Pepe A, Justin Stottlar A, Kevin Schaefer A,
** District 9
Audra Cruder D, Joan Smith D, Meryle-Lynn Epps D
Mark Brown A, Patricia Gambol A, Travis Schooley A,
** District 10
Aaron Wilson D, Anthony Cipolla D, James T Price D, Nancy E Price A,
** District 11
Joe Zapach D, Michael Anderson D, Michael Harrison D, Holly Anderson A,
** District 12
Lawrence Boreland D,
** District 13
Brandon Yates D, Michael Anthony Salvi D, Steven J Gilber D,
Chad Odhner A, John Hennelly A,
** District 14
Jared Yanovich D, Melina Brajovic D,
Andy Maul A, James Sheets A,
** District 15
Ellen Blickman D, Rich Piotrowski D, Russ Diamond D
Chris Donatelli A, John Lax A, Todd Schulberger A
** District 16
Andrew Gibson D, Ben Sheaffer D, Evgenia Sheaffer D, Ben Bradley A, Daniel LaFauci A, Jason Scoppettuolo A
** District 17
Anthony M Antonello D, John Manko D, Trent Miller D, Greg Sheeler A,
** District 18
Brian Dougherty D, James Garsteck D, Steven Morreale D,
James Garsteck A,

Vote for 3 Delegates only in your Congressional District, and 3 Alternates.
You only need to learn 3 names for delegate in your Congressional District.
and it would be nice to also learn 3 alternate delegate positions. Copy these names and take them with you to the polls.

In 1979, as Reagan began a second run at the nomination, he locked up conservative Republican leader Lewis support early. George H.W. Bush defeated Reagan in the popular vote in Pennsylvania's primary. But Lewis had recruited delegate candidates carefully, and made sure voters knew their names. "When all the shouting was done," Gerow said, "Ronald Reagan won the delegate count."

Forward this slate of conservative candidates, help elect Conservatives.

Why Christians should vote and be active in political things

1. God has granted us authority. All authority belongs to God, but He has put human beings on the earth as caretakers. What is our task? According to Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we are to go out and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey God in every area of life. This includes politics. We must disciple people to make godly decisions about government, and promote the efforts of those who are already doing so.

2. We need to stand against evil. St. Augustine said those who are citizens of God's kingdom are best equipped to be citizens of the kingdom of man. The alternative is unthinkable. In the 20th Century, atheistic and secular humanistic leaders gained control of nations all across Europe, Asia and Africa. What was the result? According to historian R. J. Rummel, almost 170 million men, women and children have been brutally murdered by these governments, all in the name of human progress. These facts led historian John Hallowell to note, Only through a return to faith in God, as God revealed Himself to man in Jesus Christ, can modern man and his society find redemption from the tyranny of evil.

When we see the good that results from applying God's principles, and the horror that results from rejecting them, doesn't it seem cruel and irresponsible to keep Jesus teachings about truth, love and compassion to ourselves? At very least, we should vote to keep OUT of office those who attempt to oppose God's authority.

These links have comprehensive information on the Ten Commandments of God in Exodus 20. The Ten Commandments of the Bible, Ten Commandments of Exodus After the Exodus from Egypt, the Children of Israel were given the Ten Commandments. In Egypt, scholars did the Septuagint translation. The Ten Commandments and the Septuagint and Ten Commandments of God, The Ten Commandments News Read The Ten Commandments News

Arizona Senator Candidates 2014
Florida Senator Candidates 2014
Massachusetts Senator Candidates 2014




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