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Delaware Christian Candidates 2014

Delaware will elect its candidates in the 2014 primary. Delaware has 17 delegates. Delaware is the 8th least conservative state, voting 17.71% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.
U.S. Senate Delaware:
Kevin Wade, R, -
U.S. CONGRESS: At Large For Delaware:
Rose Izzo (R) -
State House Legislature for Delaware
21 Michael Ramone, R,
31 Sam Chick, R,
32 William McVay, R,
38 Ronald E. Gray, R,
39 Patrick J. Murray, R,
40 Timothy D. Dukes, R,
40 Raymond C. Adkins, D,

State Senate Candidates for Delaware

Conservative recommended candidates for Senate of Delaware are:
3 Eric M. Anderson, D,
11 Evan Queitsch, R,
18 Matthew A. Opaliski, R,
19 Eric R. Bodenweiser, R,
20 Gerald W. Hocker, R,

Christian Candidates Rhode Island 2014

Rhode Island Christians will elect their candidates in the September 11 2014 primary.
US Senate Barry Hinckley, R, Endorsed by
State House Legislature Rhode Island 2 Dirk J. Hennessey, D,
11 Christian Chirino, R,
17 Charles E. Hooper, R,
27 Kyle S. Pendola, R,
33 Robert A. Trager, R,
40 Michael W. Chippendale, R,
59 John T. Arcaro, D,
68 Michael J. Donahue, R,
74 Anthony A. Mastrostefano, R,

State Senate Rhode Island

RI State Senate Candidates for Election 2014
6 Russell C. Hryzan, R,
19 Bethany L. Moura, R,
21 Nicholas D. Kettle, R,
25 Frank Lombardo, D,
30 William A. Walaska, D,
34 Francis T. Maher, R

U.S. Congress for Rhode Island:
Kara Russo for Congress District 2 or
Michael J. Gardiner Congress District 2

Endorsed by:
Susan Wynn of Rhode Island Tea Party Supports conservative tea party candidates
Clear Lake Tea Party endorses for US Congress
Maria Martinez of IRCOTPearland Tea Party

It is absolutely critical that Christians be registered be informed and vote our values. As believers we have a duty to be involved in the democratic process.
Delaware Gubernatorial Primary Election Conservative Christian Candidates
Christians will elect their candidates in the 2014 primary. Conservative candidates for Governor in Delaware include: Jeff Cragg (R)
The incumbent Democrat Senator Ted Kaufman is retiring.
Tom Carper (D)
Kevin Wade (R)
Mike Castle
At Large:
Brent Wangen (Libertarian), Conservative



U.S. Congress:

Glen Urquhart for Congress

Wisconsin Pro Life Conservative Candidate Election Race 2014

Wisconsin pro life conservatives will be supporting Mark Neumann for US Senate.

Insurgent conservative Republicans who have shaken up U.S. Senate races across the country now have their eyes on defeating former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson in a GOP Senate primary two months away. The Wisconsin race has been going on largely under the radar, eclipsed for most of the spring by Gov. Scott Walkers recall election. But with that over, the Senate race is showing renewed signs of life as Thompson, a 70-year-old political giant, deals with three conservative Republicans trying to oust him in the Aug. 14 primary. A Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday shows that Thompson still has the upper hand, but one in four voters had yet to make up their minds. It has been so overshadowed by the recall election, voters have not really formed opinions about a lot of things, said Marquette pollster Charles Franklin. The poll showed Thompson with 34 percent support among likely voters, followed by former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann at 16 percent, hedge fund manager Eric Hovde at 14 percent, and state Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald at 10 percent. Congressman Mark Neumann a pro lie conservative, has garnered the most support from tea party conservatives, including the Club for Growth which ran ads attacking Thompson in August months before he got into the race. Club for Growth spokesman Barney Keller said Wednesday that voters still have not focused on the Senate race because of the Walker recall, but as they do Thompsos support will wane. Right now Tommy Thompsons marginal lead in the polls is all due to name recognition, Keller said. Republicans already suspect that Tommy Thompson is not a true conservative, and once they realize it they will look for a conservative alternative, and that will be Mark Neumann.

Wisconsin Christian Voter Guide - Conservative Senate and Congress Candidate Recommendations

Wisconsin will be electing senator, and congress in the primary. Several races for congress will be competitive. Pro life recommendations. Wisconsin has 42 delegates. Wisconsin is the 17th least conservative state, voting 6.64% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.
Be informed and choose Christian candidates who are conservative in Wisconsin who pledge to reduce taxes

Christian Candidates Oregon 2014

Oregon conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 15, 2014 primary.
In Oregon, Democrats outnumber Republicans in registration 40% to 32%. They hold both U.S. Senate seats, four of the five state's congressional seats and all state's elected offices.

U.S. Congress:
1st District:
Lisa Michaels (R)

Arizona Senator Candidates 2014
Florida Senator Candidates 2014
Massachusetts Senator Candidates 2014




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