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Republican governors are vowing not to enact President Obama's healthcare law while there is still a chance for conservatives to sweep elections in November. On a conference call with reporters, Govs. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) and Bobby Jindal (R-La.) emphasized that their focus was on the election, not yielding to "ObamaCare" despite the fact that the Supreme Court upheld it Thursday. "We're not going to start implementing ObamaCare," Jindal said. "We're working to elect Mitt Romney." The ruling created a dilemma for states by making the law's expansion of Medicaid optional. Governors can now choose not to cooperate — and not face a penalty — but that means turning down the federal government's offer to foot the bill. As written, the Affordable Care Act would have punished states that refused to expand coverage under Medicaid by pulling all federal funding for their program.

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