Louisiana Candidates for Congress 2014

Primary: October 24, 2015

Louisiana Senate Candidates For 2015

State Senate District 1
Sharon Hewitt (R)
"Pete" Schneider (R)

State Senate District 2
Troy Brown (D)
"Chris" Delpit (D)
Eric Weil (No Party)

State Senate District 3
"J.P." Morrell (D)

State Senate District 4
Wesley Bishop (D)
R. Erich Caulfield (D)
Joseph "Joe" Swider (D)

State Senate District 5
Karen Carter Peterson (D)

State Senate District 6
Mack "Bodi" White (R)

State Senate District 7
Jeffery "Jeff" Arnold (D)
Troy Carter (D)
Leslie Ellison (D)
Troy J. Gainey (R)
Roy A. Glapion (D)

State Senate District 8
John A. Alario Jr. (R)

State Senate District 9
Conrad Appel (R)
John LaBruzzo (R)
Scott Songy (Other)
"Polly" Thomas (R)

State Senate District 10
Daniel R. "Danny" Martiny (R)

State Senate District 11
"Jack" Donahue (R)

State Senate District 12
Brett K. Duncan (R)
"Beth" Mizell (R)
"Mickey" Murphy (D)
John Seal (No Party)

State Senate District 13
Derek Babcock (R)
Dale Erdey (R)

State Senate District 14
Yvonne Dorsey (D)

State Senate District 15
Regina Barrow (D)
Jerrie Davenport Williams (R)
Dalton Honore' (D)

State Senate District 16
Brent Campanella (Other)
"Dan" Claitor (R)
Scott McKnight (R)

State Senate District 17
"Rick" Ward III (R)

State Senate District 18
Eddie Lambert (R)

State Senate District 19
Gary L. Smith Jr. (D)

State Senate District 20
Mark Atzenhoffer (No Party)
Norbert "Norby" Chabert (R)
Michael "Mike" Fesi (R)

State Senate District 21
R. L. "Bret" Allain II (R)

State Senate District 22
Fred "T-Fred" Mills Jr. (R)

State Senate District 23
Patrick Page Cortez (R)
Terry Hughes (Other)

State Senate District 24
Gerald Boudreaux (D)
Ledricka Johnson Thierry (D)

State Senate District 25
Dan W. "Blade" Morrish (R)

State Senate District 26
Jonathan Perry (R)

State Senate District 27
Ronnie Johns (R)
Ginger Vidrine (D)

State Senate District 28
Eric LaFleur (D)

State Senate District 29
Joshua Joy Dara Sr. (R)
Jay Luneau (D)

State Senate District 30
John Smith (R)

State Senate District 31
Gerald Long (R)

State Senate District 32
Neil Riser (R)

State Senate District 33
Vance McAllister (R)
Michael A. "Mike" Walsworth (R)

State Senate District 34
Francis Thompson (D)

State Senate District 35
Stewart Cathey Jr. (R)
James R. "Jim" Fannin (R)

State Senate District 36
Henry Burns (R)
Ryan Gatti (R)
Todd Hollenshead (D)

State Senate District 37
Barrow Peacock (R)

State Senate District 38
Richard "Richie" Burford (R)
Cloyce Clark (R)
John Milkovich (D)
Jemayal Warren (D)

State Senate District 39
"Jim" Slagle (Other)
Gregory Tarver (D)


Louisiana Congressional Candidates 2015 Republican and Democrat

District 1:
Steve Scalise (R)
David Duke (R)
Rob Maness (R)

District 2:
Cedric Richmond (D)

District 3:
Charles Boustany Jr. (R)

District 4:
John Fleming (R)

District 5:
Ralph Abraham (R)

District 6:
Garret Graves (R)
Richard Lieberman (D)




History of Louisiana - Information Every Congressional Congress Candidate Should Know:

Louisiana's climate (subtropical in the south and temperate in the north) and rich alluvial soil make the state one of the nation's leading producers of sweet potatoes, rice, and sugarcane. Other major commodities are soybeans, cotton, and dairy products, and strawberries, corn, hay, pecans, and truck vegetables are produced in quantity. Fishing is a major industry; shrimp, menhaden, and oysters are principal catches. Louisiana is a leading fur-trapping state; its marshes (7,409 sq mi/19,189 sq km of the state's area is underwater) supply most of the country's muskrat furs. Pelts are also obtained from mink, nutria, coypus, opossums, otter, and raccoon.

The state has great mineral wealth. It leads the nation in the production of salt and sulfur, and it ranks high in the production of crude petroleum (of which many deposits are offshore), natural gas, and natural-gas liquids. Timber is plentiful; forests cover almost 50% of the land area. The state rapidly industrialized in the 1960s and 70s and has giant oil refineries, petrochemical plants, foundries, and lumber and paper mills. Other industries produce foods, transportation equipment, and electronic equipment. Four of the ten busiest U.S. ports - New Orleans, South Louisiana, Baton Rouge, and Plaquemines - line the lower Mississippi River.

Tourism is increasingly important to the state economy; New Orleans is the major attraction with its history, nightlife, and Old World charm. The largest city in Louisiana, it is especially noted for its picturesque French quarter, which has many celebrated restaurants, and for the Mardi Gras - perhaps the most famous festival in the United States - held annually since 1838.

Baton Rouge is the capital and the second largest city. Other major cities are Shreveport, Lake Charles, Kenner, and Lafayette. Louisiana is rich in tradition and legend. Four different groups have contributed to its unique heritage: the Creoles, descendants of the original Spanish and French colonists; the Cajuns, whose French ancestors were expelled from Acadia (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) by the British in 1755; the American cotton planters; and the African Americans who worked to create much of Louisiana's wealth and whose music, especially, has swept the world. Along the rivers and bayous overhung with Spanish moss, some old mansions remain, recalling the elegance and splendor of antebellum days. Plantation tours from Baton Rouge and Natchitoches are popular, while the Cajun country west of New Orleans also attracts visitors - most particularly to the area around St. Martinville and Lafayette.



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