Candidates for Louisiana Governor Election 2014

Louisiana Governor Candidates
Louisiana Governor Candidates

Primary: October 24, 2015

Louisiana Candidates for Governor 2015

Scott A. Angelle (R)
Beryl Billiot (No Party)
"Jay Dardenne (R)
Cary Deaton (D)
John Bel Edwards (D)
Jeremy "JW" Odom (No Party)
Eric Paul Orgeron (Other)
S L Simpson (D)
David Vitter (R)

Louisiana Candidates for Lieutenant Governor 2015

Melvin L. "Kip" Holden (D)
"Billy" Nungesser (R)

Louisiana Congressional Candidates 2015 Republican and Democrat

District 1:
Steve Scalise (R)
David Duke (R)
Rob Maness (R)

District 2:
Cedric Richmond (D)

District 3:
Charles Boustany Jr. (R)

District 4:
John Fleming (R)

District 5:
Ralph Abraham (R)

District 6:
Garret Graves (R)
Richard Lieberman (D)



History of Louisiana. Information that every Louisiana Election
Candidates for Governor Should Know:

Agriculture: Louisiana is one of the nation's largest producers of cotton, sugarcane, rice, sweet potatoes and pecans. The state is also a major producer of soybeans and corn. The biggest land-based industry in the state is forestry, with an economic impact from paper-making and wood products greater than all other crops combined. Poultry is the largest livestock industry, followed by dairy and beef cattle. Louisiana is also the nation's largest producer of alligator hides and crawfish.

Industry: In 1997, Louisiana's 4,562 manufacturing units employed 191,327 workers whose annual earnings totaled $7,046,381,641. Average weekly wages in manufacturing increased by $44.69, or 6.6%, between 1996 and second quarter 1998. Louisiana's overall employment and number of employees reached record high levels in 1998. The rate of growth in total employment in Louisiana in 1998 increased at twice the national rate of growth of total employment.

Tourism: As Louisiana's second largest industry, tourism employed 110,000 people and generated $7.8 billion in revenue for 1998. The tourism industry took immense pride in the state's historic places, unique arts and crafts, natural re- sources and rich heritage as part of its efforts to accommodate the 25.5 million visitors traveling to Louisiana last year.

Mineral Production: Principal mineral products are petroleum, natural gas, salt which is the largest, sulphur, carbon black and gravel. Louisiana ranks second in the nation in oil production.

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