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Mississippi Christian Voting Guide 2014 Election Conservative Candidates

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Mississippi Senatorial Candidates 2014

Thad Cochran (R)
Travis Childers (D)
Shawn O'Hara (Reform)

Mississippi Pro Life and Christian Conservative Candidates

Mississippi Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Alan Nunnelee (R)
Ron Dickey (D) 
Danny Bedwell (Libertarian) 
Lajena Walley (Reform)

District 2:
Bennie Thompson (D)
Shelley Shoemake (Reform)
Troy Ray (Independent)

District 3:
Gregg Harper (R)
Doug Magee (D) 
Barbara Dale Washer (Reform)
Roger Gerrard (Independent) 

District 4:
Steven Palazzo (R)
Matt Moore (D)
Joey Robinson (Libertarian)
Eli "Sarge" Jackson (Reform) 
Cindy Burleson (Independent) 
Ed Reich (Independent) 

Mississippi Senatorial Christian Candidates News

Sen. Roger F. Wicker
Party: Republican
Phone: 202-224-6253

Wicker Fights to Protect Taxpapers in Federal Housing Bill

August 1, 2013

Senator's Efforts Could Deliver Additional Housing Funds to Rural Mississippi

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) is spearheading efforts to guarantee federal housing funding is going to the most vulnerable Americans while calling for new accountability and transparency grant standards to ensure the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars. To achieve those goals, Wicker offered two amendments to the “Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Act,” S. 1243.

“My amendments would direct additional ‘HOME Investment Partnerships Program’ funds to housing projects in counties with the highest poverty rates,” Wicker said. “There are several counties in Mississippi, particularly in the Delta, where affordable housing makes a big difference in people’s lives. Every effort should be made to maximize federal grant dollars and help our communities in the greatest need.”

Wicker Amendment #1810 states that if a nonprofit organization entrusted with housing grants fails to meet three nonprofit accountability standards, then it must forego accepting federal housing funds for one year. The extra funds would be redirected to rural areas for rehabilitating substandard housing in which children reside.

“My amendments send an important message to nonprofit organizations that apply for and receive federal housing funds: Congress is watching what you do with taxpayer dollars, and we demand exemplary results of those to whom much is given. Federal housing grants should assist Americans who need them the most. We must ensure these grants are entrusted to the most efficient and effective nonprofit organizations.”

A nonprofit would lose federal housing grant dollars for the following reasons:

  • If the organization pays one or more of its officers at least 25 percent more than the maximum basic rate of pay received by members of our Senior Executive Service (or about $225,000 or more annually);
  • Keeps an average of more than 12 percent of its federal housing grants for its own grant administration expenses, including salaries; and,
  • Receives an audit finding of “material weakness” or “serious deficiency.”  

Wicker’s second amendment to S. 1243, Amendment #1805, would impose the same standards on nonprofit housing grant recipients that were outlined in the Senate-passed version of the “Violence Against Women Act.”  It includes the requirement that 10 percent of grant recipients be audited by the Inspector General for compliance; ending grants for nonprofits that hold money in offshore accounts; and mandating that nonprofits disclose the studies used to determine their executives’ compensations.

Sen. Thad Cochran
Party: Republican
Phone: 202-224-5054

From Mississippi’s abundant forests to its fertile farmlands to the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Senator Cochran has an abiding affinity for Mississippi’s natural resources and environment.  A hunter and a sportsman, the Senator has championed conservation and other ecological efforts throughout Mississippi to ensure the beauty of the state for future generations through balanced and responsible resource management.

Senator Cochran supports the responsible harnessing of the state’s energy resources, as well as the development of new energy sources to ease the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.  The Senator has fought over-zealous regulations on energy exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, while also supporting biofuel research and development that would utilize the state’s natural resources for “clean energy” production.

The Senator serves on the Senate appropriations subcommittee with funding jurisdiction over the Army Corps of Engineers, which plays a major role in Mississippi River management and the levee system.  The Senator supports resources that protect Mississippians and property, ensuring that inland and coastal waters remain an economic and ecological resource for the state.

Encourage people in your church to vote. With poor participation in the voting process by the average member, the voice of Christian culture is not very strong. Need to encourage every one in your church to simply go vote. A simple way to do that is to place a short announcement in your church bulletin. People need to be encouraged to vote for governor, senator, congress in the upcoming congressional elections. Copy and send to your church secretary now.

Sample wording of Church Bulletin Announcement:

Go Vote Election Day
Remember to participate in the patriotic process of voting next Tuesday, __ date. Polls are open from _AM to _PM.

We will be voting to elect leaders to guide us and protect us. It only takes a few minutes to vote and express your moral values.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, __ date. Polls are open from _AM to _PM.

The young generation is looking to you to elect Godly leaders.


Mississippi Christian Candidates 2014

When we see the good that results from applying God's principles, and the horror that results from rejecting them, doesn't it seem cruel and irresponsible to keep Jesus teachings about truth, love and compassion to ourselves? At very least, we should vote to keep OUT of office those who attempt to oppose God's authority.

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Campaign Hint and Tips: Target Women Voters

Many political campaigns have a limited budget and are looking for the most cost effective way to get their name and theme to people. Of special interest are methods that leve a lasting positive impression. One very effective method that works very well with women voters are Patriotic and Political Campaign Emery Boards. Emery boards are very useful, many hair studios and salons will pass them out and every time they are used it leaves a positive impression. They are low cost and can even be included in mailings.


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