MT Senate Candidates for Montana Senator Election Race



Montana Senatorial Candidates 2014

State Primary on June 3, 2014

Montana Senator Candidates
Montana Senator Candidates

Montana Senate Race for Election 2014

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Montana Senate Candidates - Announced, Potential, and Rumored Senatorial Candidates

Republican and Democrat Candidates for Montana Senate Primary Election

Steve Bullock (D) - Next Election is in 2016.

MT Candidates for Congress

Montana Senatorial Candidates
Montana Congressional Candidates

At Large:
Ryan Zinke (R)
John Lewis (D)
Mike Fellows (Libertarian)



History of Montana. Information that every Montana Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

Native Americans have inhabited this land for thousands of years. 200 years ago Lewis and Clark traversed what would one day be known as Montana. Discovered in the 1860s, gold attracted men with visions of riches. Outlaws, cattle, cowboys and railroads quickly followed. The story of the 20th century became a saga of ranching, mining, logging, tourism and the preservation of nature's treasures.

Archeological evidence has shown indigenous peoples lived in the area for thousands of years. For example, rock art in Pictograph Cave six miles (10 km) south of Billings has been dated, showing human presence in the area more than 2,100 years ago. Most indigenous people of the region were nomadic, following the buffalo herds and other game

Montana Candidates for Congress

List of candidates for Congress from Montana is coming soon.

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