South Carolina Pro Life Candidates Voter Guide Information

Republican Presidential Primary - February 20, 2016
Democratic Presidential Primary - February 27, 2016

State Primary - June 14, 2016

South Carolina Pro Life Christian Candidates 2016

South Carolina, will elect their Christian pro life Candidates in the South Carolina, Primary June 10, 2016. If we abdicate our responsibility here, if we fail to vote, if we neglect to vote, it is the same as if we had been forbidden to vote. We give the voice and power and direction of our government to the non-religious and to the immoral.
Some think, "Oh, one vote doesn't count. My vote doesn't count." But one vote does count. Just one vote change per precinct in the Kennedy Nixon campaign in 1960 would have changed the results of the election!

Pro Life Candidates Voter Guide South Carolina 2016

South Carolina Senate Primary Election 2016

Tim Scott (R)
Brandon Armstrong (R)
Joyce Dickerson (D)
Tom Wells (God Party)

A list of South Carolina Candidates for Congress are listed below by congressional district.

District 1:
Mark Sanford (R)
Jenny Horne (R)
Dimitri Cherny (D)

District 2:
A.G. "Joe" Wilson (R)

District 3:
Jeff Duncan (R)

District 4:
Trey Gowdy (R)
Paton Blough (Independent)

District 5:
Mick Mulvaney (R)

District 6:
Jim Clyburn (D)
Ben Garves (D)

District 7:
Tom Rice (R)
Mal Hyman (D)

South Carolina Governor Primary Election 2016

Nikki Haley (R)
Jeff Duncan (R)
Curtis Loftis (R)
Henry McMaster (R)
Tommy Pope (R)
Mark Sanford (R)
Alan Wilson (R)
Steve Benjamin (D)
Bakari Sellers (D)
James Smith (D)

South Carolina Candidates for Lieutenant Governor
Henry McMaster (R)




South Carolina conservative candidates

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Campaign Hint and Tips: Target Women Voters

Many political campaigns have a limited budget and are looking for the most cost effective way to get their name and theme to people. Of special interest are methods that leve a lasting positive impression. One very effective method that works very well with women voters are Patriotic and Political Campaign Emery Boards. Emery boards are very useful, many hair studios and salons will pass them out and every time they are used it leaves a positive impression. They are low cost and can even be included in mailings.

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