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Christian Pro Life Candidates California



List of Congress and Senate candidates and web sites:
Complete List of California Senate Candidates and Congress Candidates Ca


California will elect their conservative candidates in the California Primary June 5, 2014. See list of endorsed candidates.

US Senate California

Conservative Republican
Rick Williams - Tea Party Favorite
Orly Taitz - Famous for Birther Birth Certificate lawsuit against Obama.
Daniel Hughes Conservative

United States Conservative Congress Candidates for California List by District:

CD 04 Tom McClintock
CD 05 Randy Loftin
CD 07 Dan Lungren
CD 08 Phil Liberatore (R) -
CD 11 John Fitzgerald (D)
CD 14 Chris Mitchum
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
CD 26 Tony Strickland
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 28 Jenny Worman
CD 30 Mark Reed
CD 33 Christopher David
CD 38 Benjamin Campos
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 42 Clayton Thibodeau
CD 45 John Webb
CD 46 Jerry Hayden
CD 47 Gary DeLong
CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 Darrell Issa
CD 51 Michael Crimmins
CD 52 Wayne Iverson

California State Senate: -

1st District - Ted Gaines
21 District - Steve Knight
27th District: - Todd Zink
29th District:- Robert Huff
35th District - Charlotte A. Svolos
37th District Mimi Walters

California State Assembly:

AD 01 Brian Dahle
AD 03 Dan Logue
AD 04 John Munn
AD 05 Rico Oller
AD 06 Beth Gaines
AD 08 Peter Tateishi
AD 11 Mike Hudson
38th District: Paul Strickland or Scott Wilk
AD 41 Donna Lowe
AD 42 Brian Nestande
AD 43 Greg Krikorian
AD 45 Chris Kolski
AD 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar
AD 55 Curt Hagman
AD 63 Jack M. Guerrero
AD 65 Chris Norby
AD 66 Craig Huey
AD 67 Melissa Melendez or Phil Paule
AD 68 Donald P. "Don" Wagner or Greg Kraft
AD 70 Martha Flores-Gibson
AD 72 Troy Edgar
AD 73 Diane L. Harkey
AD 74 Allan R. Mansoor
AD 75 Marie Waldron

Los Angeles County
District Attorney Alan Jackson
Judge Office # 3 Sean D. Coen Judge Office # 10 Sanjay T. Kumar Judge Office # 78 Kenneth R. Hughey Judge Office # 114 Berj Parseghian

Orange County
Supervisor District 1 Janet Nguyen Supervisor District 3 Todd Spitzer Board of Ed. Area 1 Robert Morris Hammond Board of Ed. Area 3 Ken L. Williams, Jr.

Riverside County
Judge Office # 1 Victoria Cameron Judge Office # 2 Michael J. Kennedy Judge Office # 9 John A. Henry

San Bernardino County
Supervisor District 3 Neil Derry Supervisor District 5 John Taack

Solano County
Supervisor District 2 Steve Messina

San Diego Mayor: Carl DeMaio

El Dorado County
Superior Court Judge - Steve Valentine Ron Mikulaco Dist. 1 George Turnboo <> Dist. 2 Sue Taylor Dist. 3

Statewide Ballot Measures

Source of information:
California Conservative Republican Assembly
Conservative California

Vote in Presidential Election in California
Anybody but Obama.
Mitt Romney remains the front runner.
There are those who are still concerned about Romney aggressively pushing the liberal agenda of Romney care, support for pro abortion, pro gun control, and making Massachusetts a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. Mitt Romney aggressively pushed for the implementation and legalization of gay marriage licenses as well.
For those with those concerns, Ron Paul is the most viable conservative candidate left.
A vote for Rick Santorum is also a viable option and the Newt Gingrich name also appears on the ballot.
Expect many pro life conservative candidates to be elected in the June 2014 Primary. A California urban legend is one of those stories that makes the rounds and develops a pro life of its own, even though it really isn't true. There are a number of them that pop up from time to time on one side of the abortion debate or the other - and sometimes both. Here's the real deal about a number of false statements:

Abortion is necessary to protect the mother's health... This exception is written into legislation, and is at the center of the Supreme Court's lesser-known Doe v. Bolton ruling of January 22, 1973. It offers an almost unlimited excuse for abortion, yet it was formulated by lawyers, not doctors. Again, there is no problem so severe that it would justify killing the child. California has elected many strong pro life conservative Christan candidates.

California Conservative Candidates Voting Guide List 2014

Christian Candidates Montana

Montana will have elect their Christian candidates in the June 5, 2014 Montana primary.

For GOVERNOR - Bob Fanning (R) - and Lt. Governor Joel Boniek (R) -
US HOUSE CONGRESS - Vincent Melkus (R) Strong Constitutional Conservative for Congress
SECRETARY OF STATE - Drew Turiano (R) Strong Conservative,

Montana has 25 delegates.Montana is the 21st most conservative state, voting 9.65% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.
Vote for conservative Christians candidates in Montana.


Pro Life Christian Voter Guide Montana 2014

The Pro Life Christian Candidate Voter Guide from Montana lists Chuck Baldwin. The Catholic Church once approved abortion? .. This one's easy. No, NEVER< the Catholic Church never did any such thing, though the misstatement is repeated frequently in anti-Catholic tracts. The writings of the early Church fathers clearly indicate that abortion is a most serious evil. There may be writings of individual Christians that differ with that stance, but these are not the official teachings of the Church.

Thomas Aquinas said early abortion was not murder... No he didn't. There has been debate through the years about the point at which the soul enters the body. Back in Aquinas' day, many thought that the child came alive at the point of "quickening," when the mother could first feel the baby's movements. One theory held that this happened


Pro Life Christian Voter Guide New Jersey 2014

New Jersey will elect its Christian pro life candidates in the June 5, 2014 primary. New Jersey has 50 delegates. New Jersey is the 15th least conservative state, voting 8.26% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. New Jersey is trending toward Obama in the presidential primary.

Pro life Christian Candidates New Jersey 2014

. Pro life candidates in New Jersey are making a comeback in 2014. When our country was first founded, Alexis de Tocqueville came from France to see why this experiment in democracy was working. He said, "I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers – and it was not there. I sought in the fertile fields and boundless forest – in her rich mines and vast world commerce – and it was not there. I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution – it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good – and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." New Jersey has elected several strong pro life Christian candidate congressman.

New York Election Candidates 2014 - Christian Voter Guide

U.S. Senate
For the list of conservative candidates in the Republican primary in New York June 26 Primary

U.S. Senate New York - - Wendy Long (R/C) -

U.S. Congress for New York

District 1 Randy Altschuler, or George Demos
District 3 Stephen Labate, or Anthony Tolda
District 4 Frank Scaturro, or Fran Becker
District 17 Nita Lowey or Joe Carvin or Kellie Greene (R) - Tea Party Activist:

District 20 Bob Dieterich
District 21 Matt Doheney, or Kellie Greene
District 22 Michael Kicinski

District 24 Ann Marie Buerkle or Paul Spencer
District 25 Maggie Brooks or Ann Marie Buerkle Endorsed by The Eagle Forum:

District 26 Mike Madigan
District 27 Chris Collins, or David Bellavia
New York State Senate Recommended Conservative Christian Candidates 2014 District 41 Neil DiCarlo
District 43 Kathy Marchione
District 51 Jim Blake
District 55 Sean Hannah
District 60 Chuck Swanick and Kevin Stocker
District 62 Johnny Destino

New York State Assembly Recommended Candidates

District 99 Colin Schmitt
District 101 Brian Maher
District 105 --New district-- Kieran Lalor, Pat Manning, Richard Wagner
District 114 Karen Bisso
District 145 Robert Restaino
District 147 Vacant Seat David DiPietro

Christian Voter Guide New York 2014

New York will elect its candidates in the April 24,2014 primary. New York has 95 delegates. New York is the 4th least conservative state, voting 19.58% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. Incumbent Gillibrand, Kirsten (D)* (New York Senate) is listed NUMBER THREE on top PAC money recipient list according to Open Her receipt of whopping $1,368,782 represents the many special interest groups she serves - not constituents nor the nation.

Christian Conservative Candidates California Pro Life 2014

In the conservative areas of California, many pro life Christian candidates will be elected in the June 2014 primary. List of pro life candidates to be listed soon. California is the 9th least conservative state, voting 16.76% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. California has a whopping 172 delegates and will elect its candidates in the June 5, 2014 primary.

Christian Candidates North Dakota Pro Life 2014

North Dakota will elect their Christian Candidates in the North Dakota Primary 2014. North Dakota is the 17th most conservative state, voting 15.87% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average, and is very pro life. North Dakota has 28 delegates.

Christian Voter Guide - Pennsylvania 2014

Pennsylvania will elect their conservative candidates in the Pennsylvania Primary April 24, 2014.
US Senate:
Marc Scaringi (R) Tea Party Candidate, Conservative favorite.
Tom Smith (R) - Retired Coal Mining Company CEO & Tea Party Activist
Pat Toomey (R)* - - Next Election in 2016.
U.S. Congress:
District 07: Pat Meehan, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 10: Tom Marino, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 11: Lou Barletta, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 12: Keith Rothfus, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
District 14: Hans Lessmann, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
Gubernatorial Candidates:
Tom Corbett (R)*
Tom Knox (D) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate


Christian Candidates Connecticut 2014 in the Republican primary

U.S. Senate:
Chris Murphy

Christian Candidates Oregon

Oregon conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 15, 2014 primary.
In Oregon, Democrats outnumber Republicans in registration 40% to 32%. They hold both U.S. Senate seats, four of the five state's congressional seats and all state's elected offices.
U.S. Congress:
1st District:
Lisa Michaels (R)
Ronald Green (R) 3rd District Congress
Karen Bowerman, Republican Candidate, for Oregon's 5th Congressional District

Christian Candidates Nebraska

Nebraska will elect their Christian Candidates in the Nebraska Primary May 15, 2014. Nebraska is the 11th most conservative state, voting 22.2% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. Nebraska has 35 delegates.


Pro Life Christian Candidates Nebraska 2014

Nebraska will elect its conservative candidates in the May 15, 2014 primary.
U.S. Senate:
Don Stenberg (R) Conservative, Pro-Life, Endorsed by two large pro-life, pro-family action groups: The Eagle Forum and The Family Research Council, as well as the Senate Conservatives Fund.
(R) opponent Jon Brunning has continually and shamefully attacked Stenberg, obviously using liberal-style tactics in his election strategy.
U.S. Congress:
2nd District:
Brett Lindstrom (R)
Endorsed by Can Do Conservatives

Congress 1st District - Dennis Parker -
Congress 3rd District - Bob Lingenfelter

Pro Life Conservative Candidates Kentucky 2014

Kentucky conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 22, 2014 primary.
Pro Life Christian candidates in Kentucky include: U.S. Congress:
4th District:
Thomas Massie (R) Endorsed by Louisville Tea Party
Brian Oerther (R) 5th District:
Hal Rogers (R)
6th District:
Andy Barr (R) Endorsed by FreedomWorks for America

Conservative Candidates Indiana May 8, 2014

Conservatives in Indiana will elect their candidates in the primary May 8, 2014. Hoosiers for Conservative Senate remains committed to its' goal to ensure the United States Senatorial representation of Indiana reflects conservative values and is in strict adherence with the Constitution of the United States as worded and originally intended by the writers of this sacred document and will remain so through the May 8, 2014 primary and up to the general election in November 2014.Any public statement to the contrary should be considered fraudulent.
Recommended Conservative Candidates for Indiana 2014 - Primary May 8, 2014

U.S. Senate:
Richard Mourdock, Endorsed by Eagle Forum, The NRA

U.S. Congress

2nd District:
Jackie Walorski, Endorsed by Eagle Forum
5th District (New):
David McIntosh, Endorsed by The Madison Project


Christian Voter Guide North Carolina 2014 Runoff June

North Carolina Conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 8, 2014 primary.
VOTE FOR Amendment One (Marriage Protection Amendment)
Paul WrightConservative, Tea Party Favorite U.S. Congress:
7th District:
Republicans and independents who choose to vote in the May 8 primary will see a stark contrast between polished, slick Pantano of Wilmington, a former Marine who covets the national stage and has latched on to illegal immigration as his wedge issue, and Rouzer, a state senator from Johnston County who has less flash but more experience in actual governance. The third candidate, Randy Crow of Bladen County, is merely a distraction.
Who is more “conservative”? Who better aligns with Republican Party ideals? And who has the better chance of beating McIntyre in November? Those three points are what voters will consider as they head to the polls.
The truth is, neither can be labeled liberal, although Pantano likes to paint Rouzer as a political insider who wants to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and doesn’t deserve to call himself a conservative.
8th District: Robinson Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tea Party Nation, We the People, Bill Cochrane member of Moore County Tea Citizens, Minutemen PAC,Can-Do Conservatives, The New Generation (who endorse only those candidates who stand up for clear conservative values and who stand up against corruption and dishonesty,
Two Additional Candidates in the 8th District:
Fred Steen
< a href="">Richard Hudson
9th District:
Two Republicans running for Congress in the 9th District have waded into the debate over North Carolina’s marriage amendment – from opposite sides.
Edwin Peacock III unveiled a campaign video Tuesday calling the amendment “another unnecessary government hurdle that is bad for business.” He has underscored his opposition in a fundraising letter.
Meanwhile, Robert Pittenger promised to “continue to defend the sanctity of marriage” in his own online video:

Conservative Candidates West Virginia 2014

Conservatives in West Virginia will elect their candidates in the May 8, 2014 primary. Freshman Senator Joe Manchin is up for a first full term in 2014 and also up to serve the short period between November, 2014 and January, 2013. Due to the late Senator Robert Byrd's passing and the ensuing special election, two Senate elections will actually be held on November 6, 2014.
U.S. Congress:
Lee Bias (R) "Reagan" Conservative
Endorsed by:
Can Do Conservatives
Bill Maloney (R) Endorsed by Can Do Conservatives

“The winner of the unexpired term would serve out the final five weeks or so until the new term of Congress starts in January of 2013. Had Senator Byrd’s term not run out in 2014 there would not have been this unique situation. It would have just been for the unexpired term.




Christian Candidates Illinois


ELECTION RECAP: Mitt Romney Captures Double-Digit Win Tonight in Illinois

March 20, 2014
Mitt Romney has captured a double-digit win in Illinois tonight. With 95% of the precincts reporting, Romney leads runner-up Rick Santorum 47% to 35%. Ron Paul ran ahead of Newt Gingrich for third place. In this direct election, Illinois voters are actually electing the delegates themselves rather than having delegates allocated based on votes for the candidates. Incomplete figures indicate Romney will take a solid majority of the 54 delegates at stake today.


Illinois Candidates for Congress

Jason Plummer (R) Conservative Candidate District 15:
Don Manzullo (R)Conservative Candidate
Manzullo has been endorsed by many conservative groups, among them:
Family-PAC federal
Eagle Forum of Illinois
Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC
Illinois Citizens for Life federal PAC
Illinois Conservatives (4,000 conservatives across Illinois under 35 years old)
RedState Editor and CNN political commentator Erick Erickson
The Madison Project


District of Columbia Christian Voting Guide 2014

The District of Columbia will elect its candidates in the April 3 primary. It has 19 delegates.


Louisiana Conservative Candidate Voting Guide 2014

Louisiana is the 8th most conservative state, voting 25.90% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. Republican Rick Santorum won the presidential primary with 46% of the vote.


Maryland Conservative Candidates Recommendations

Rick Hoover for Senate, impressive conservative web site.
Co-endorse Rich Douglas or Dan Bongino US Senate and Rick Hoover for Senate
Rich Douglas former aid to Jessie Helms
Maryland's beloved Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris is back in the news today with his endorsement of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich for President
The following candidates have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Federal Political Action Committee:
Office Sought District Candidate Name Political Party*
U.S. Congress 1 Andy Harris Republican
U.S. Congress 2 Nancy Jacobs Republican
U.S. Congress 5 Tony O'Donnell Republican
U.S. Congress 6 Roscoe Bartlett Republican
Dave Wallace US Congress 8

Mississippi Conservative Candidate Voting Guide 2014

Mississippi Senate Candidates 2014

Roger Wicker (R)(2014)
Thad Cochran (R) (2014)

Albert N. Gore Jr. (D

Will Oatis (D

Roger Weiner (D)

E. Allen Hathcock (R) (Conservative Candidate) Robert Maloney (R) Tom Cramer (Independent)

Mississippi Candidates for Congress 2014:

District 1:
Alan Nunnelee (R)
Robert Estes (R) Conservative Candidate, Tea Party Candidate

District 2:
Bennie Thompson (D)
Heather McTeer Hudson (D)
Cobby Williams (D)

District 3:
Gregg Harper (R)
Robert Allen (R) Conservative Candidate, Tea Party

District 4:
Steven Palazzo (R)
Ron Vincent (R) Conservative Candidate, Tea Party Candidate


Christian Candidates Oklahoma

Oklahoma will elect their Christian Candidates in the Oklahoma Primary June 26, 2014. Oklahoma is the second most conservative state, voting 38.57% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.

Christian Voter Guide Oklahoma 2014
District 20:
Wayne Murphey (R) Conservative Candidate/Pastor

District 46:
JASON REESE (R) Conservative Candidate
House District 1:
JOE SILK (R) Christian Conservative and former missionary
District 4
Crystal Hodges Conservative
Guthrie School Board:


Christian Candidates Kansas

Kansas will elect their Christian Candidates in the Kansas Primary August 7, 2014. Kansas is the 18th most conservative state, voting 22.20% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. Christian Voter Guide Kansas 2014

Christian Candidates Louisiana 2014
Louisiana's presidential and municipal primary is March 24, 2014.
Louisiana Candidates for U.S. Congress 2014. Louisiana is the 8th most conservative state, voting 25.90% more Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.

Christian Candidates New Hampshire 2014

New Hampshire, will elect their Christian in the New Hampshire, Primary September 11, 2014. New Hampshire is the 21st least conservative state, voting 2.34% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average. Based on voting patterns since 1992, New Hampshire is trending DEMOCRAT in presidential elections.

Christian Voter Guide New Hampshire 2014


Christian Candidates Voter Guide Oregon 2014

Oregon will elect its candidates in the May 5, 2014 primary. Oregon has 28 delegates. Oregon is the 14th least conservative state, voting 9.08% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.


Christian Candidates Voter Guide Texas 2014

Texas will elect its Christian candidates in the May 29,2014 primary.

Glenn Addison (R) Conservative
Congress District 6
Frank Kuchar (R)Conservative Candidate
Congress District 24
Grant Stinchfield (R)Conservative Candidate
District 33
Roger Williams (R)Conservative Candidate


Texas State Senate Candidates

Robert "Bob" Hall (R) TX SD 2 Conservative Candidate
Tammy Blair - TX SD 3 Conservative Candidate
Ken Paxton (R) TX SD 8 Conservative Candidate
Daniel McCool (R) TX SD 11 Conservative Candidate
Donna Campbell (R) SD 25 Conservative Candidate


Texas State House Candidates

Dan Flynn (R) TX HD 2Conservative Candidate
Leo Berman (R) TX HD 6Conservative Candidate
David Simpson (R) TX HD 7Conservative Candidate
Wayne Christian (R)TX HD 9Conservative Candidate
James White (R) TX HD 12 Conservative
Rachel Delgado (R)TX HD 23 Conservative Candidate
Heidi Thiess (R) TX HD 24Conservative Candidate
Phil King (R) TX HD 61Conservative Candidate
Tan Parker (R) TX HD 63Conservative Candidate
Van Taylor (R) TX HD 66 Conservative Candidate
Charles Perry (R) TX HD83Conservative Candidate
Jim Landtroop (R) TX HD 85Conservative Candidate
Jodie Laubenberg (R) TX HD 89Conservative Candidate
Bill Zedler (R) TX HD 96Conservative
Mary Huls (R) TX HD 129Conservative
Randy Brown (R)TX HD 132Conservative Candidate



Don Willett (R)Conservative
Randy Stevenson (R)Conservative

Christian Candidates Virginia 2014

Virginia is the 27th most conservative state, voting for Obama in 2008 but 0.97% more Republican than the national average.


Wisconsin Christian Candidates 2014

Wisconsin will elect its candidates in the April 3, 2014 primary. Wisconsin has 42 delegates. Wisconsin is the 17th least conservative state, voting 6.64% less Republican in the 2008 presidential elections than the national average.

Christian Voter Guide - Rhode Island 2014

Rhode Island Conservatives will elect their candidates in the September 2014 primary

US Senate - Barry Hinckley (R) - Tea Party Activist & Businessman
Barry Hinckley
Endorsed by: Can Do Conservatives

U.S. Congress - District 2:
Michael Gardiner (R) - or
Kara Russo for Congress, District 2 Kara Russo
US Senate Barry Hinckley, R, Endorsed by
State House Legislature Rhode Island 2 Dirk J. Hennessey, D,
11 Christian Chirino, R,
17 Charles E. Hooper, R,
27 Kyle S. Pendola, R,
33 Robert A. Trager, R,
40 Michael W. Chippendale, R,
59 John T. Arcaro, D,
68 Michael J. Donahue, R,
74 Anthony A. Mastrostefano, R,

State Senate Rhode Island
RI State Senate Candidates for Election 2014
6 Russell C. Hryzan, R,
19 Bethany L. Moura, R,
21 Nicholas D. Kettle, R,
25 Frank Lombardo, D,
30 William A. Walaska, D,
34 Francis T. Maher, R

Susan Wynn of Rhode Island Tea Party Supports conservatives
Clear Lake Tea Party endorses
Maria Martinez of IRCOT Pearland Tea Party

Christian Candidates Delaware 2014

Delaware Primary Election Sept 11, 2014 Elect The Conservative, Pro-Life Candidates
U.S. Senate Delaware
Kevin Wade, R, -
U.S. CONGRESS: At Large For Delaware:
Rose Izzo (R) -
State House Legislature for Delaware
21 Michael Ramone, R,
31 Sam Chick, R,
32 William McVay, R,
38 Ronald E. Gray, R,
39 Patrick J. Murray, R,
40 Timothy D. Dukes, R,
40 Raymond C. Adkins, D,

State Senate for Delaware

>3 Eric M. Anderson, D, 4/7
11 Evan Queitsch, R,
18 Matthew A. Opaliski, R,
19 Eric R. Bodenweiser, R,
20 Gerald W. Hocker, R,

Pro Life Candidates Delaware

A strong pro life candidate will emerge. Republican and Democrat Candidates for Delaware Senate Primary Election. The incumbent Democrat Senator Ted Kaufman is retiring.
Tom Carper (D)
Kevin Wade (R)
Mike Castle

U.S. Congress:

Glen Urquhart for Congress

The Christian Voting Guide 2014

Candidate recommended Christian voting guide for 2014. When we pray for the good of our country, should we not express which way is good to our neighbors?

Homosexuality remains a sin, no matter what is current opinion. Abortion remains a sin. An innocent life is taken. Spanking is still allowed as part of the raising of children. The government is making laws that interferes with our expression of truth. Truth will ultimately win, even if our nation collapses, as so many have done in the past, under the weight of sin. Meanwhile, we ought to stand for truth, even if no one else wants to listen.

Abortion is safer than childbirth... That's certainly not the case for the baby. And for the mother, there can indeed be complications from abortion, including death. Many abortion related deaths are not reported as such, however, as death certificates will list infection or uncontrolled bleeding as the principal cause of death in such cases. Abortion is much more dangerous than giving birth.

Pro-Lifers are anti-woman... Pro-lifers are not against women; they're against women killing their babies. This is simply the opposition's rhetoric. Pro-lifers maintain an incredible national network of pregnancy care centers to help women who want to consider abortion for financial or social reasons. These centers provide counseling, and in many cases medical care, shelter, food and clothing for both mother and child.

Pro-Lifers are violent people... Unfortunately, a small handful of people have taken the law into their own hands. All reputable pro-life groups, including American Life League, unequivocally reject violence as a means of achieving the goal of eliminating abortion. Prolife people have also been the victims of violence, but such events are rarely reported by the mainstream media.

The Bible permits birth control... The story of Onan would seem to repute that. While God gave men and women free will, the consequences of poor choices run through the Bible, beginning with Adam and Eve. In short, God told Onan to go forth and multiply, but he practiced birth control. The penalty for Onan's disobedience was death. The overall message of Scripture is "be fruitful and multiply," which is why the Catholic Church declares that artificial birth control is "intrinsically evil," and why every Christian community agreed until the 1930s.







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