Maryland Candidates for Senate Election


Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Presidential Primary and State Primary Election: April 26, 2016

Maryland Candidates for Senate Election

Maryland Senate Candidates

Maryland Senate Race for Election 2016

Maryland US Senator Candidates 2016

Freddie Dickson Jr. (D)
Donna Edwards (D)
Ralph Jaffe (D)
Charles Smith (D)
Violet Staley (D)
Blaine Taylor (D)
Ed Tinus (D)
Chris Van Hollen (D)
Lih Young (D)
Chris Chaffee (R)
Sean Connor (R)
Richard Douglas (R)
John Graziani (R)
Greg Holmes (R)
Joe Hooe (R)
Chrys Kefalas (R)
Mark McNicholas (R)
Lynn Richardson (R)
Anthony Seda (R)
Richard Shawver (R)
Kathy Szeliga (R)
Dave Wallace (R)
Garry Thomas Yarrington (R)
Margaret Flowers (Green)
Arvin Vohra (Libertarian)
Greg Dorsey (Independent)
Steve Gladstone (Independent)
Edward Shlikas (Independent)
Kay Young (Independent)

Maryland Candidates for US Congress from MD

Maryland Congress Candidates
Maryland Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Andy Harris (R)
Jonathan Goff (R)
Sean Jackson (R)
Mike Smigiel (R) - Tea Party Activist
Jim Ireton (D)
Joe Werner (D)
Matt Beers (Libertarian)

District 2:
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)
Bill Heine (R)
Carl Magee (R)
Pat McDonough (R)
Yuripzy Morgan (R)
Mark Shell (R)
Kristin Kasprzak (Libertarian)

District 3:
John Sarbanes (D)
John Rea (D)
Thomas "Pinkston" Harris (R)
Mark Plaster (R)
Nnabu Eze (Green)

District 4:
Anthony Brown (D)
Warren Christopher (D)
Glenn Ivey (D)
Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D)
Terence Strait (D)
Robert "Bro" Broadus (R)
Rob Buck (R)
George McDermott (R)
David Therrien (R)
Kamesha Clark (Green)

District 5:
Steny Hoyer (D)
Kristin Beck (D)
Debbie Wilson (D)
Mark Arness (R)
Sam Faddis (R)

District 6:
John Delaney (D)
Tony Puca (D)
Terry Baker (R)
Scott Cheng (R)
Robin Ficker (R)
Amie Hoeber (R)
Frank Howard (R)
Chris Mason (R)
Harold Painter (R)
Dave Vogt (R)
George Gluck (Green)

District 7:
Elijah Cummings (D)
Adrian Petrus (D)
Ray Bly (R)
William Newton (R)
Corrogan Vaughn (R)
Myles Hoenig (Green)
Scott Soffen (Libertarian)
Andre Kersey (Independent)

District 8:
Dave Anderson (D)
Kumar Barve (D)
Dan Bolling (D)
Ana Sol Gutierrez (D)
Will Jawando (D)
Kathleen Matthews (D)
Jamie Raskin (D)
Joel Rubin (D)
David Trone (D)
Dan Cox (R)
Jeff Jones (R)
Liz Matory (R)
Aryeh Shudofsky (R)
Shelly Skolnick (R)
Elizabeth Croydon (Green)
Charles "Teddy" Galloway (Green)
Nancy Wallace (Green)
Jasen Wunder (Libertarian)

Conservative Candidates Maryland 2016 Recommendations

Co-endorse Rich Douglas or Dan Bongino US Senate and Rick Hoover for Senate

Rich Douglas former aid to Jessie Helms
Rick Hoover for Senate, impressive conservative web site.
Peter James (R) - Conservative Tea Party Challenger - 6th District

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Federal Political Action Committee:

Office Sought District Candidate Name Political Party*
U.S. Congress 1 Andy Harris Republican
U.S. Congress 2 Nancy Jacobs Republican
U.S. Congress 5 Tony O'Donnell Republican
Dave Wallace - US Congress 8

Hope for Maryland in Conservatives

Maryland's beloved Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris is back in the news today with his endorsement of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich for President

Despair never won any battle. Not a single one. So don't despair. It is a useless emotion, and a deliberate trap set by your enemies. Take up the gauntlet and fight on with renewed enthusiasm, because the worm is turning.

There is not a better example of this right now than the state of Maryland. Not only do endlessly corrupt Governor Martin O'Malley (Obama's Mini-Me) and the state legislature endorse criminality with their Sanctuary policies, but they fund it through the illegal aliens' ACORN, CASA de Maryland, and other similar groups. Last year, the state actively thwarted a grassroots referendum to repeal Maryland's version of the DREAM Act. They failed miserably, so they have now proposed legislation -- hilariously misnamed the "Referendum Integrity Act" -- to hamper further petition efforts.
This comes right on the heels of a new referendum petition in opposition to Maryland's just-passed law allowing "Gay Marriage." Now they have added further injury to countless insults by proposing an eye-popping array of new taxes. To top it off, last December O'Malley signed off on Plan Maryland, an executive order enacting a statewide planning document mandating Agenda 21 "smart" growth policies. This destructive Plan was publicly opposed by eighteen of Maryland's 23 counties. Baltimore City was all for it, of course.

The conventional wisdom is that Maryland is lost to Republicans. With a two-to-one Democrat/Republican advantage, the left says Republicans just have to sit down and shut up. "Don't waste your time, Republicans" is the oft-heard refrain. But Maryland Democrats, like Obama, have overplayed their hand.

Their redistricting efforts angered both Republicans and Democrats. Their pandering to illegals has infuriated minorities, including legal immigrants, because it is costing them jobs. Fully 30 percent of DREAM Act repeal petitions were signed by Democrats. And while redistricting may have diluted the conservative strength of Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's 6th district, it has also put into play the formerly secure seat of corrupt Democrat incumbent Chris Van Hollen.

The two frontrunners challenging Van Hollen are both excellent conservative prospects. Most readers should recognize the name Ken Timmerman. A widely respected expert on foreign policy, former NewsMax contributor, and investigative journalist par excellence, Timmerman brings extensive experience in the ways of Washington, a firm commitment to conservative principles, and courage to match. Timmerman has the endorsement of heavyweights like Ambassador John Bolton, Simon Wiesenthal, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Commissioner Richard Rothschild, and a host of others.
Dave Wallace, is also a great prospect. A committed conservative his entire life, Dave is a small business owner and an incredibly good organizer, personable and principled. He was an early organizer of Tea Party efforts in Maryland, and he gained widespread name recognition as emcee of the Dave Wallace Show, a Saturday afternoon WCBM Radio talk show. Dave also has the endorsement of a number of heavy hitters, including former Governor Bob Ehrlich, a number of county commissioners, state Senator Joe Getty, Delegate Kelly Schultz, and many others.
Defying the odds once again is, Frank Mirabile, running for Congress in Maryland's 7th District against incumbent and Congressional Black Caucus member Elijah Cummings. Frank is also a small business owner. He understands relevant aspects of economics as well as any professional. With his engaging, friendly, and forthright manner, he knows how to reach people. He spent much of his time during the last cycle garnering support from inner-city black residents, constituents who see Cummings only when he shows up for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Many blacks are sick of the hypocritical Cummings and see Mirabile as a viable alternative.

But perhaps the greatest threat to Democrat hegemony in Maryland is the U.S. senatorial candidacy of Dan Bongino. Bongino is running against Senator Ben Cardin. If you recall from the ObamaCare debates, Cardin is the one who nonchalantly wiped out two hundred years of Senate rules to help pass the Senate version. He is an unscrupulous, detestable leftist who sits quietly by while this president undermines his fellow Jews in Israel.

Bongino, on the other hand, is the real article. He understands the healthcare issue and economics. He gets it, at the most fundamental level, and can communicate effectively and convincingly to a broad audience.

Dan is a former Secret Service agent who had nothing to gain and everything to lose by leaving his secure and promising job with the Service, where he was a rising star. In his own words, he left because saw what was happening in our great country and could not stand by and do nothing. Those of us who are in this fight can all relate to that.

Dan has gotten national exposure through countless appearances on Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and many others. He has also racked up an impressive array of endorsements. The best thing, however, is his optimism. He says, "I don't think we can win in Maryland, I know we can win in Maryland... Folks, this isn't Mao's China." Not yet, at least.

Whether you live in Maryland or not, it is in your interest to support these people. Like the Massachusetts miracle candidacy of Scott Brown, these people can win. Unlike Scott Brown, they are all hardcore conservatives, and they will bring much-needed relief to the beleaguered residents of Maryland and strong voices in the U.S. Congress.

Maryland Approves Same Sex Marriage

The Maryland legislature, in early March, 2014 passed and Gov. Martin O'Malley has signed a bill defining marriage to include same-sex couples. The legislation will take effect in January 2013 unless a proposed November referendum question overturns it. If the law remains intact, Maryland will become the eighth state with same-sex marriage.

The legislative vote was close. The bill passed the state senate 25 to 22 and the house of delegates 72 to 67. Organizations already mobilizing to challenge the law this fall.

Maryland Candidates:

Christian Voting Guide for Voters
For an intensive list of recommended conservative congressional candidates in Maryland, more details see:



Maryland History Info - Something Every US Senator Should Know:

The history of Maryland included only Native Americans until Europeans, starting with John Cabot in 1498, began exploring the area. The first settlements came in 1634 when the English arrived in significant numbers and created a permanent colony. In 1776, during the American Revolution, Maryland became a state in the United States. Although it was a slave state where numerous planters had Confederate sympathies, by 1860 nearly half the black population was already free, due mostly to manumissions after the American Revolution. Maryland remained in the Union during the American Civil War.

Although small in size, the state has distinct socio-political-economic regions, including the major city of Baltimore, Baltimore's suburbs, the Washington suburbs, Western Maryland, and the Eastern Shore. Maryland has a democratic-type of state government.

Maryland did not at first favor independence from Great Britain and gave instructions to that effect to its delegates to the Continental Congress. During this initial phase of the Revolutionary period, Maryland was governed by the Assembly of Freemen, an Assembly of the state's counties. The first convention lasted four days, from June 22 to June 25, 1774. All sixteen counties then existing were represented by a total of 92 members; Matthew Tilghman was elected chairman.

The eighth session decided that the continuation of an ad-hoc government by the convention was not a good mechanism for all the concerns of the province. A more permanent and structured government was needed. So, on July 3, 1776 they resolved that a new convention be elected that would be responsible for drawing up their first state constitution, one that did not refer to parliament or the king, but would be a government "...of the people only." After they set dates and prepared notices to the counties they adjourned. On August 1, all freemen with property elected delegates for the last convention. The ninth and last convention was also known as the Constitutional Convention of 1776. They drafted a constitution, and when they adjourned on November 11, they would not meet again. The Conventions were replaced by the new state government which the Maryland Constitution of 1776 had established. Thomas Johnson became the state's first elected governor.

On March 1, 1781 the Articles of Confederation took effect with Maryland's ratification. The articles had initially been submitted to the states on November 17, 1777, but the ratification process dragged on for several years, stalled by an interstate quarrel over claims to uncolonized land in the west. Maryland was the last hold-out; it refused to ratify until Virginia and New York agreed to rescind their claims to lands in what became the Northwest Territory.

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