Christian Citizens Duties and Responsibilities

The Christian citizen has the duty and responsibility to go vote, and to encourage others.

Wisconsin Governor Candidates

Summary information on Wisconsin candidates for governor with their web sites and additional info election. Wisconsin will be electing a new governor in the September 14, 2010 election race primary. 
Wisconsin Governor Candidates

Wisconsin Senate Candidates

US Senator Russ Feingold is being opposed by Republicans Stephen Finn, Ron Johnson, and Dave Westlake. The Democrat and Republican Primary for the election race for Senate is September. Democrats Tom Barrett and Tim John are running in the election race against Republicans Mark Neumann, Scott Paterick, and Scott Walker. Wisconsin will be electing several in the congressional races for Congress. For information concerning senate and congress races in Wisconsin see: 
Wisconsin Senate Candidates 2012

Wisconsin Congressional Race for Congress

For a list of candidates for congress and information about the candidates, visit this web site. Data info for congressional candidates for congress and conservative recommendations in Wisconsin WI. 
Wisconsin Congress Candidates 2012 WS

Maryland Governor Candidates

Democrats election candidates Martin O'Malley, and J.P. Cusick are running the race for governor against Republicans Ralph Jaffe, Bob Ehrlich ,Mary Kane, Brian Murphy. The Republican and Democrat primaries are on Tuesday September 14. 
Brain Murphy has received several conservative endorsements. Bob Ehrlich served before and while doing a creditable job, and he has earned the label of being moderate. 
Maryland Governor Candidates

Maryland Senate Candidates

Barbara Mikulski is the incumbent Democrat Senator and is being challenged by Republicans Joseph Alexander, Barry Steve Asbury, Neil Cohen, Stephens Dempsey, Samuel Graham Sr, John Kimble, Gregory Kump, Daniel McAndrew, Jim Rutledge, Eddie Vendetti The race for senate election is subject to the Republican and Democrat primaries on Tuesday September 14. Maryland will be electing several in the congressional races for Congress. 
Maryland Senate Candidates

Maryland Candidates for Congress

Info for congressional candidates for congress and conservative recommendations for Maryland state wide office holders. There are several competitive races. 
Maryland Congress Candidates 2012 

New Hampshire Candidates for Governor

Read summary information and data of the governor candidates. New Hampshire votes for governor and Lt. Governor in the September primary. Voters tend to be conservative and independent. 

New Hampshire Candidates for Senator

Read issue information about the US Senate candidates. New Hampshire votes for US Senate in the September primary. New Hampshire will also be electing 2 seats for congress in the congressional races. For more info and candidate recommendations: 
New Hampshire Senate Candidates for 2012

Florida Senate Candidates

Independent Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio (R) - Ex-State House Speaker are running a competitive race. Maro Rubio won over other Republican candidates in the August 24 Republican primary election. Bill Clinton endorsed Congressman Meek will be the Democrat nominee. Florida Candidates for Senate

Florida Conservative Candidates - Florida Christian Voting Guide

The Florida Republican Primary is in August for gubernatorial candidates. Information on competitive races for Congress. We have information about Florida conservative pro life recommendations for governor, senator, congress, congressional, and FA Florida legislative races. Christian Voting Guide 2012

Louisiana Senate Candidates


Louisiana holds it open primary election on August 28, 2010. Senate candidates include David Vetter and a host of challengers. The top two senate candidates will advance to the run off. Senator David Vetter is the only viable choice for US Senate. 
Louisiana Candidates Election 2012 
Georgia Governor Candidates
Vermont Governor Candidates Vermont will also be electing several to Congress.

Louisiana Congress Congressional Candidates

Louisiana will be electing all candidates for Congress. Check us for a list of all candidates with election information. Make an informed choice for Congress. Vote for conservative Christians officials. For several candidate recommendations for senate, congress, and other state wide offices visit: Christian Voting Guide 

Arizona Senate Candidates

The Arizona race for US Senate to replace Senator John McCain will be voted on Tuesday August 24.

Arizona Conservative Candidates - Arizona Conservative Voting Guide

The Arizona Republican Primary is in August for gubernatorial candidates and for 8 candidates for Congress. See Arizona conservative pro life recommendations for congressional, congress, governor senator at:
Arizona Senate Candidates

Arizona Congressional Congress Candidates

Arizona will be electing eight for congress in the August congressional elections. There are several conservative contenders trying to beat the RINO John McCain type Republicans in the August primary.

Alabama Christian Candidates March 2012
Sarah Palin Information Info 
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Arizona Senator Candidates 2014
Massachusetts Senator Candidates 2014 





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